My latest Cleanplanet Adventure

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Hello my friends, how are you?

My day started with a long walk with my dog, some chores and the only thing I wanted next was to go for a walk. I haven't filmed a @cleanplanet video for a week or so, so it was the perfect day to do it.

I cleaned some streets around my neighbourhood and collected a big trash bag within 15 minutes! The ammount of trash was less than my previous cleaning walks but still there were bottles and coffee cups tossed everywhere. Stupid people.

I really enjoyed today's walk. The temperature was perfect and the city was quit. I am gonna be heading to a local festival now so I got to go.
Thank you all for watching and supporting me and check out @cleanplanet if you want to help mother earth and get rewarded at the same time.

Music :Toxic Planet by Cobra Man.

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Much love to everyone

Thanks @knowhow92 !
You earn 100 CLEAN TOKEN with your eco-citizen act.
I just sent it to you on your steem-engine account.
See you soon

Thanks guys <3

Will we meet at STEEMFEST 4 BANGKOK ?

Most probably at the forum in Hamburg!
Don't know if I can make it to Steemfest. Will you guys be at the forum?

Great ! Probably yes ...
I will have look for that sure !
I have ever been at Hamburg when i was 14 with school !
Well continue like this and be Viral ! 😃

Hope to see you there guys and no reason to stop. I love doing what I am doing so I'll just keep cleaning!
Much love @yann0975 and to all the @cleanplanet team!

Well done @knowhow92, and thank you very much for your really hard work cleaning up garbage in your part of our beautiful planet, it's awesome.

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Thanks guys <3

Thanks @knowhow92, and thank you for your contribution to a clean planet.