My Very First Video With My Freshly Bought Sony Handycam

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What's up everyone?

I am feeling super-happy cause I bought myself a present and that is a Sony Handycam.
Since I lost my Gopro I wanted to buy something new and guess what? An old man was selling this like-new Sony DCR-SX33E for just 40 Euros including a camera case as a gift. I just bought it the second I heard the price!

I wanted to test out my fresh gear while daytime but I was too busy and couldn't wait until tomorrow so I went to the local skatepark where I met my homie @nakamamongo and @alexjay. They were eager to film me so there it is, the very first vlog with my new camera.

Still trying to figure out the rendering settings. I am working with Sony Vegas so if anyone has any suggestions feel free to write a comment bellow.

Thank you all for watching and supporting my channel and if you want to see more skateboarding check out @steemskate, our awesome skateboarding community on Steem Blockchain!
Much love and stay safe!

Music : The Growlers - Humdrum Blues

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This session really was full of fire, brother too much power, many good tricks and I really love those jackets, PROPAGANDA corduroy that I would like many of those are too great. congratulations on your new camera brother, who madness the difference one of those here in Venezuela would come out some $ 150 bro

Thanks so much bro!
I am really happy with my new camera, it sure looks better! Let's hope Steem price rises soon so we can buy more gear broooo!

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Thanks guys

Congrats on the new Cam! ;)
Was the last trick an "impossible" jumping off that stone ramp..?

Thanks brother!
It was Nollie Bs Heelflip and fuck this shit, it was so hard to get it lol!

Good stuff ;)

Handycams are very underrated. The optical zoom is crazy compared to other digital cameras. They are also very light and easy to hold. Perfect for vlogging as well. Ill need to see what I looks like during the day as well and you can play around with the settings.

Good luck man

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I totally agree dude. I used to own a Handycam some years ago but then I found out the GoPro and never used one again. Well, it was time!
There are many settings for such a small camera for real. I am gonna film some sweet vlogs with this one dude!

Much love bro!

Awesome purchase on the camera, man!

Also, that last trick of the video was insane - so glad to see you kept trying and then nailed it!

Thanks bro, took me more than 20 m inutes to do it!
Hey @ashtv, do you have any recommendations about the rendering settings so I can make my edits look smoother?
The camera model is the Sony DCR-SX33E

Hey man, do you mean the best format to export as?

If that’s what you’re asking then I’d suggest H.264 as an MP4. Set the bitrate between 8-10mbps, nice and compressed but it’ll be visually fine. Depends on the format of the video you’ve shot too too.

If you mean about render settings for watching back during the edit then I’m really not sure. I’ve not used Vegas recently. Maybe it’s worth a google - see if any results come up for the kind of camera you are using.

I am asking about the export settings bro! The camera files are .MPG and I am filming in HQ, the best possible quality with this camera.
I just started editing a short video from yesterday's road trip and I am kind of confused cause I can't find the h.264 option at the mp4 export page.
This are all the choices I have

Χωρίς τίτλο.png