Did you Buy DTC ???

in dtube •  2 months ago  (edited)

What's up everyone?

I just bought some DTC and I feel super-excited. I trully believe in @Dtube 's potential and I also wanted to support my favourite video platform so I just did myself a present of 237 DTC for 187 Steem.
I wish a could buy a ton of them but unfortunatelly being a full-time Steemian/Dtuber and unemployed is not so profitable these days! Hahaha.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys and if you want, take a look at our awesome skateboarding community on Steem blockchain called @steemskate.
Much love and stay safe.

Find me here


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Come on, calm brother, soon better times will come, it's just a matter of waiting and enjoying the page and uploading our videos, waiting for the moment.

Of course brother, I just wish Steem was around 50 cents at this time so I could live like a normal man.
I advice you to buy some DTC too these days cause they are gonna be much harder to get your hands on in the next few months!

Yeah man, I bought 200DTC for 120 STEEM. Might but more soon, but I’m waiting to see how much liquid STEEM I have after 1st Oct (spud) as I want to have 10,000sp! So anything left over can be used as I like

Yeah bro, I want to power up some steem too next week but couldn't resist grabbing some DTC's. I'm sure they are gonna come in handy when the main net launches and we start curating with our freshly bought DTC.
It's gonna be much harder to accumulate these tokens later.

Good point on the scarcity factor