Sharing my future plans and goals // DIY your life, chase your dreams and do what you love

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What's up everyone?

My life is changing positive everyday and I don't owe that to no one except myself.
I managed to take control of my life, I removed every negative thought and toxic people away and I couldn't be more happy.

In this vlog, I take you to a short tour around Ioannina city and talk about my future plans, ideas and thoughts which are becoming reality day by day.This video is also my entry for @ddaily 's "the5reelgood" contest.
This week's theme is DIY and in my brain, this one counts as an entry cause I am DIY 'ing my life.
0-100 all by my self.Selfmade yo.

Thank you all for talking the time watching my vlog and listening to my thoughts and I would love to get some feedback regarding my plans for the future.
Chase your dreams and don't listen to anyone.You are the boss of your life.
Much love and stay safe.

Edit / Filming :@Knowhow92
Music : Lakey Inspired - Midnight Bounce

Find me here

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you a great person my G, you a big!!!!


You too bro ❤❤❤

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Go for it bro and don't look back !!!


Hell yeah 👊👊👊

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🔥🔥🔥yeah bro, the best never rest.f.T.R

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fTR 🔥✌👊

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Thanks guys.