Overcoming my Fears | Skating the 3-stairs Hubba after a Hard Slam

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Hello everyone.

Today's #steemskate vlog is all about overcoming my fears. Some months ago I "enjoyed" a painful slam down the 3-stairs hubba at #ioannina city #skate park doing a FS Crooked Grind and since then I am not even bother skating it. Not because I don't like it, I love hubbas, it's just that everytime I was trying to do something different than a 50-50 grind I was scared of getting injured.

So yesterday, the only thing in my mind since I woke up was to overcome my fears and skate this hubba. I was in a good mood, full of energy and confidence so I finally tried skating it. It wasn't easy at first but once I got the hang of it the tricks kept coming! I won't name the tricks, just click play and enjoy.

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Much love to everyone and have fun.

Music : Wu Tang Clan Type Beat - Crisis Combat [Prod. Fresco]

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This is really what I like about skateboarding, we overcome our fears and create trust barriers and we increase the level of confidence, the more confidence more tricks with difficulty we can achieve.

Exactly bro. Most of these tricks you saw were 1st try. The only reason I wasn't trying them was cause I was afraid. Once I overcomed my fear and popped the board the tricks were just done instantly without a mistake.
Confidence is the key G as you said

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