"Game of Steemskate" Week 14 contest entry // Trying to land a "Bs 360 No Comply"

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What's up beautiful Dtubers and Steemians?

This is my entry for @steemskate's weekly contest called "Game of Steemskate". Every week, @steemskate proposes a new trick and we have to film and upload ourselves doing that trick. This week we had to do a Bs 360 No comply.
I suck at No Complys so this was probably the toughest week for me.
I tried my best for real. Did I land it?
Check my video and find out

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends and if you want to see more skateboarding check out @steemskate, our awesome skateboarding community on Steem Blockchain!
Have a great day, much love to everyone and stay safe!

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Really cool. I love to watch skating. I think slower motion will be perfect for such video. ☺ @tipu curate

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Thank you @clixmoney! I am using slow motion sometimes but my moile phone's resolution sucks so clips are not that good! Just bought a new full hs 1080 camera so some real slowmotions are coming bro!
Thanks for calling @tipu at my post!
Much love.

I also invite you to check out our awesome skate community called @steemskate. You can find plenty of skate videos there if you enjoy watching skate!

Thank you for participating!
Resteemed by @steemskate

Congrats man. You did it!
I remember the "no comply"....
Nice trick ;)

Thanks bro!It was a big fight ut I won at the end. Would you count it? Cause I turned the last 180 a little slow!
I am not sure if it counts!

I would count it,but i'm not up to date...
You practice it another 200 times :p ...it will "flow" perfect ;)

Go brother got too good, I congratulate you clean trick.

So you count it bro? Am I good to go? It was kind of late the last bs 180

if brother I tell it, today I come happy and annoying to skate was a day of meeting challenges, I did my trick for steemskate, for the stick contest and the challenger that you put of the bawer shove it but I think my sd card is failing I put it the pc and some clips are not bro.

Oh bro, that's sad to hear. I hope you didn't lose any difficult tricks.
Good to hear that you cleared the no comply challenge 💕💕💕
Was this the first time you did it?

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