Cleaning the Streets for Cleanplanet // Everybody , join the movement

in dtube •  20 days ago

My weekly @cleanplanet Vlog is online.

This time I decided to visit a different part of the city , the city forest , where I thought things would be much better than my last week's neighbourhood Vlog.But I was wrong.

I am going to post at least 1 video every week related to @cleanplanet to spread the word.
My action might be minor but if we all do this everyday a lot can change for the better.

Much love my friends and thank you for watching.
Have a good one.

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Great work! Oh man, doing that part at the beginning on a slope with all the baby tree shoots one handed while holding a camera - good balance! LOL. This is why I don't video (well, that and my phone doesn't like to deal with video) and do photos instead. Doing it all one handed would take twice as long!


I felt the thrill for real.
It's all a matter of style I believe.I like recording and editing so I prefer doing the video.
Nice to meet you by the way 💪💪

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