Personal Challenge | How many Treflips (360flips) can I land in a row?

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What's up people?

If you've been watching my videos you know that I just love #Treflips (or 360 Flips). In my opinion, Treflip is one of the most beautiful and iconic tricks in skateboarding and a must-learn trick for every skater out there. That's the reason I decided to challenge myself and see how many Treflips I can land in a row! The only thing I 'll tell you about today's video is that things went better than expected!
Enjoy today's #steemskate edition

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Much love to everyone and have fun.

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crazy man! I can't even land a consistent one!

Thanks bro! It's my best trick along with nollie flips! Maybe I should do one with Nollie flips too!

fuck yeah! would be watching that one!