Doing #Steemskate stuff with a bunch of weird Steemians

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Hello everybody.

"Today was a good day" as Ice Cube says not because I didn't have to use my AK but because we had a blast at the local skate park with my homies and fellow Steemians @Alexjay , @Papadog and @Medikalmike.

The day started kinda weird cause it was TOO DAMN HOT.
Don't get me wrong, I love sun but it's kind of weird for my body to skate with 25-26 °C while I have been skating with 12-18 °C until yesterday.

Besides the difficulties, I had a goal today to provide you and #Steemskate crew with a nice skate edit so here it is.
3 minutes of shredding by the fTR crew.Enjoy.

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends and check out @Steemskate if you want to see more skateboarding action.
Have a great day everybody.

Filming : @Alexjay , @Knowhow92
Edit : @Knowhow92
Music : Logic - Mama


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Nice edit bro 😎

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Thank you bro <3

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Tsitsipas the master of Tennis @ Housos the master of skateboards

(Hope you find the way and stop smoking at some point! Would be optimal and crucial for the kids that will follow your success!)


Thank you so much @liondani.
I am so proud of Stefanos.He is a true legend.
Let's see what happens in the finals now.
I am getting there.Used to smoke a lot but now I don't smoke over 10 cigars a day.
I agree with what you are saying but you know, I kinda like it also.Hehe.

I miss skateboarding... but its cool to see you guys sharing this with us here on Steem!


Why don't you grab a board and start riding again?
No tricks, just the feeling fof riding on the hot asphalt will make you feel so good bro.


Yeah i really should, just recently started roller blading again, next will be a board :)

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Don't forget to tag #steemskate so all skaters here can see your skate videos brother.
Much love from Greece.