Sending some skate love to a bunch of people

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Welcome to my channel everybody.

As there are only 5 days left for me until I quit my job for good and as my Barcelona skate trip is in 10 days, I am feeling quite happy and I wanted to make a video thanking all the people who have helped me through my Steem journey and all the people that constantly support @Steemskate.
Their names are :

And of course big ups to everybody else that's supporting the skate scene.
I am mentioning these guys cause they all have a lot of SP and they aren't just sitting on their couch waiting to get rich, they support a lot of people on our blockchain with their votes and that takes time and effort.

Also "Steemskate Round 3" contest has already started.
If you want to participate and earn some $teem, check the post bellow :

Thank everybody for dedicating 6 minutes of your life watching me talking about @Steemskate and I would love to hear your thoughts about @Steemskate and your projects on Steem blockchain.
Have a great day everyone.

▶️ DTube

Thanks for the love.
Resteemed by @steemskate.

Skateboarding is becoming popular in China as well!

Hell yeah man and with the Olympics coming up, skateboarding is gonna have it's momentum the next couple of years.

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Good luck with Barcelona skate trip bro

Thanks man.
If I knew things with work would turn out like this, I would have arranged my trip to fit the dtubeforum meeting and get to meet all of you guys but fuck, bad timing.

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No worries buddy!

I’m sure we’ll meet this year somewhere in this planet:)

I would love to meet you brother

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Glad to know you and your initiative brother! I wish you much fun and awesome skate sessions in the beautiful city of Barcelona! Prewarm our seats please :D


I will buddy.
Sorry for not be able to make it to Dtube forum, I would love to meet everybody and especially you bro.
Much love from Greece

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I'm trading my Steem right now to try to get a better position, hopefully I get to come back with a larger amount of SP. I miss being able to give y'all better votes! Keep up the killer work.

Thanks bro, I am sure that you ain't the type of guy who would abandon the ship.
You got a captains heart that's why I said you will return stronger.
Much love and Steem to the moon.

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Have a good trip and great success!

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Thank you so much man and big ups for continuous support.

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You are welcome . Wish you all the best !

Yo sweet post bro need to check these people out , you killing it man !!!

Thanks bro, can't wait for the trip.
See you there.

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