A Small Taste from Steemskate's "Wild in the Park" Contest

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What's up people?

The first @Steemskate "Wild in the Park" contest happened yesterday at Ioannina city skatepark and it was a complete success.
Almost 100 people attended, there were more than 12 skaters participating and everyone had a great time.

These are some clips I captured with my mobile phone when I wasn't busy filming with our main camera. The official contest video will be shared with you withing the week so stay tuned!
Here are some highlights

Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys and I hope yesterday's @steemskate festival raised awareness about our awesome skateboarding community on Steem.
Much love to everyone and stay safe!

Music : Raised Wrong - Natural Disasters

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Thank you @rehan12 and @tipu
Much love

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Brother really a lot of respect, this can be the first step of many real events, I hope everything grows and improves little by little brother.

Thanks G.
This is the start of many events, I am gonna do one more Steemskate contest before 2020 for sure!

That is good news, today I will continue to look for the trick of week 14.

Me too bro!

Awesome Bro! Love the vibes, and reminds me so much of
our skatepark back in "Boarshill" close to Munich where i grew up...
Plus my PunkRock Bands were NOFX, Pennywise, LagWagon... :)
Haha...long time :)
Great what you are doing for the Kids!
Resteemed for sure.

So glad you liked it bro!
The music is by my homies "Raised Wrong". They are a band from my city who are playing "Skate Punk".
The official video will be dropping within this week if things go according to the plan.
Stay tuned.

Thanks for the love!

"Raised Wrong"...what a cool name ;)
Yeah, i will look out. Keep doing your thing!
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One love bro!