Interesting ! It is a key topic in nowadays' world, has always been anyway ; as for my experience, I've had my share of sleepless nights, as sometimes I'm so busy I forget sleeping :D But this never happens 2 times in a row, I guess everyone has different patterns but basically you should define yourself "relaxing periods" where you sleep more if you are used to working a lot just to prevent burnout issues

Thanks for commenting, @loonyfool! For me, my issue wasn't sleeplessness, but quite the opposite. I'm trying to teach myself to sleep less in a way that is sustainable. Have you ever tried mindfulness meditation? That helps me on the occasions I struggle to get to sleep! :)

I do it sometimes but not on purpose, just to relax, I can do it while listening to music songs then I remember some interesting things linked with it, things like that, I always enjoy linking a sound or a vision to a memory or to some other knowledge, it's like gymnastics for your own mind to do that kind of "linking" work :D

Good project. It will definitely be of good benefit to a lot of people

I hope so - or it'll at least be fun to see me slowly breakdown over the next couple of weeks! ;)

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