An unexpected win

in #dtube5 years ago (edited)

An old match will be uploading Call Of Duty Mobile gameplays soom

▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube

I legit don't know how that thumbnail got there 🙈

I played a little COD Ghost the other day.

You should consider using the BATTLE(gaming content only) tag. It will reward you with BATTLE tokens in which you can stake to increase your BATTLE upvote or sell on the Steem-Engine exchange. They can also be used to purchase games from the dgamemarket.

I have 30,000 staked and you would have earned a 12-15* BATTLE upvote if you had used the tag.

I don't know how to use custom tags on dtube 😅

You could post on Dtube and then edit the tags here on Steemit.

Will do for new videos coming next month, thanks

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