The Road to Steemfest - My budget

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Hi everyone! I am back again with another video and this time, it is a video for the Road to Steem Fest initiative by @anomadsoul. I have done two previous post when we had to write about our planning to go to SF and about the people that we wanted to meet.

It has been an interesting exercise so far and I feel that it has been useful indeed to keep up our enthusiasm for Steem Fest 4. Lately, with the prices of Steem and SBD, I have decided that I am probably going to pay for things that I need to buy NOW with fiat ie MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) for me. I am going to HODL my crypto assets for the time being except for my BTC! I might just sell those when the prices is right! (This is NOT financial advise as is my thought with regards to my own crypto assets.)

I am going to Steem Fest on my own! Yay! It's going to be a party! No kids for 7 days and I am so looking forward to this. Not to mention the awesome time I am going to have with the babes from Steemitmamas!

Ok let's get right into it! We are planning to stay in Bangkok for 6 night and 7 days which is from the 6th - 12th of August 2019.

The budget line items are as follows:-

ItemBudget(MYR)USD EquivalentLink
SF Ticket1100263
Air tickets40096
Spending Money500120
DTAC Phone Sim4110
Koh Chang??????More research needed
Total46011150Wow, will need to bring this down!

The Grand Total being about MYR4600!

So there we have it, the start of my rough budget. Thanks for dropping by my little space here!


p/s What did your budget turn to be like?

pp/s I managed to learn a little bit of video editing too. There is soooooo much to learn! What do you think? Drop me a comment please! 1 SBI to the first 5 people who do!

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I'm late commenting due to all kinds of issues this week. I did my budget and it came out to $700 usd. But that was before my trip to Bangkok last week and now I will be able to keep costs down a bit.

Part of my budget was needing to get a new passport. But by some miracle both Thailand and Malaysia did not use my last page so I get one more trip before I will need a new passport.. This cuts out about 250 USD from my cost. I still have no idea how I will afford this. God will provide.

I can't watch your video with my wifi situation, but go you! Try to shoot and post consistently and dtube etc will support you over time. And you cannot help but to improve.

Yes I just realise that I need to renew my passport as well.

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Oh yikes! Be sure to do it asap. That's a task you can get out of the way at least. I am so grateful I do not need to get mine until December now. Hoping STEEM will get its butt in gear by then.

That's ok @littlenewthings max 2 hours can kau tim!

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Yeah. Now just need to get enough budget for the passport too haha

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Passport now is RM200 is it? Or 300? I forgot d. Hope you manage to get it done soon!

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If not mistaken 200 for 3 years, and 300 for 5 years.

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Oh I just checked 200 for 5 years, children and senior citizens is 100!

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Oh that's fantastic news!

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Hi @fitinfun thanks for dropping by. I hope that things continue to get better for you! So much challenges. A break would be great right now...

I'm working to get my mojo back and wishing steem would cooperate! Thank you for all your amazing support :)

Sorry @fitinfun for the delay! Totally missed this!

Done it!

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I was going to do this tomorrow
Last minute as usual
Now I can copy and paste yours 😅

What are you planning for the Mamas?
I am super curious

Enjoyed the video
And yippee to the party 🎉🎉🎉

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Yay! #1 @kaerpediem. SBI coming to you!

Have fun with your budgeting. I need to to trim mine a little sigh...else gotta work extra hard!

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Thank you

Me too
I got to Save harder 😉

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Alamak! Sorry @kaerpediem for the delay as I realised today that I didn't do the transfer yet!

Done it!

Thank you <33

Got a space of Airbnb for me too?
@kaerpediem told me about your plans with Eliza and her.

I am also checking on every available asset and hope it will have enough to cover.

Sharing accommodation is going to be better because it saves a lot of costing.

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Yay! Of course! The more the merrier! All three of us are going to be "single" that week! It's gonna be a blast!!

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@littlenewthings silly me forgot all about this! Sorry!

Done it!

oh? LOL. I also totally forgotten about it. Thank you so much @khimgoh ! 😍

My bad sorry la

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