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RE: Don’t Lose Sight Of What You’ve Already Accomplished

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Progress = happiness. Excellent message here today, Clark. I’m glad to know now that brushing my teeth is an accomplishment cause I didn’t view it that way before. Hope you’re doing well man. I like the humbled, kind, and giving spirit you have inside you.

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You're absolutely right brother! I used to not view brushing my teeth as an accomplishment as well. We can easily undervalue something so simple as that, when in actuality it's a very important thing to do. Just compare photos of peoples teeth who don't ever brush vs the ones that do. The difference is so pronounced that hits you like a ton of bricks lol.

There's also the fact that how we view a simple act like brushing our teeth, is probably how we view other simple acts like getting dressed or even showering on a regular basic. Keeping our bodies clean literally helps save our lives by helping to keep us from getting sick. Makes me chuckle a bit thinking about how I devalued this. Never again though.

Thank you for the kind words man. I really appreciate it :) I've been doing well. Started working a new job not to long ago and it's been pretty chill. Working on getting back into the swing of uploading more artwork as well. Been playing a lot of League of Legends with some friends. They just recently came out with this new game mode called Teamfight Tactics and I'm a little addicted lol.

I hope all is well with you to and I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for coming by :)

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