Everyone Can Participate in the #SteemWasHere Challenge!

in dtube •  2 months ago

You don't need to be breaking world records. Just go outside and find the highest point you can possibly get to and document it on video. This is inspire others to reach new heights and get #Steem that much closer to the actual moon!

If you don't know what the #SteemWasHere challenge is, check out this post

Please consider resteeming this so more people are aware of this contest! Let's be the first blockchain to literally get to the moon!

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Thanks for reading & watching

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Urgh!!! Just came across this and came back from HK last week, otherwise could have easily beat your record *_^


Just fly back there and I will give you 5 SBD once you record a video and post it 🤣

Posted using Partiko Android

Sorry for not participating yet bro,I will submit my entry soon.
Weird stuff happening here that won't allow me to go where I want to film my entry.

Posted using Partiko Android


Weird stuff happening just like the #ramenvlog! Good luck man.

Posted using Partiko Android


2 out of 2 shops on a mountain closed when I went to film.
Guess I'm gonna film my entry in the city.

Posted using Partiko Android


Damn son. Just climb to the top of @illusivelf's pole dancing pole and record a video there 😂

Posted using Partiko Android


That would be hilarious dude 😄😄😄

Posted using Partiko Android

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