My Student Bought Me Dessert From JAPAN

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A student of mine was thoughtful enough to buy me some special Japanese dessert while he was in Japan. I think it is called Okashi??

This is the best video in the world.

I also released a FREE new eBook for anyone that wants to come to China. I think this is a must have

dose of China


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Thanks for reading & watching

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Nice!...always glad to hear/read from China...leave you an upvote and will follow your channel.


Well a big thank you to you sir. Hope to see you again for more China goodness.

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Cool bro I like your vlogs and blog page well done. Thanks.
Be well

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Thanks a lot @krazypoet.


Right on bro for sure.
Be well

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That was very cool of them. Happy Friday.


Agreed. Hope you meet people as cool as my students in the future

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