Top 5 Reasons Foreigners are Leaving China

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As a continuation of our last video on why foreigners stay in China, this video will be about the top 5 reasons foreigners leave China. Johnathan and I have been in China for a number of years so we will talk about life in China and how it affects foreigners.

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@kenanqhd, Staying or leaving solely depends upon the Individual Preferences and most importantly these decisions are driven by the experiences.

Hope that you are having a wonderful journey brother. Stay blessed.

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Well said. Thanks for commenting.

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Thank you and welcome. 🙂

I think being away from Family especially with my parents old and Dad with Alzheimers would be a reason I would leave.

Also feeling out off place and having to deal with Censorship with Chinese Govt is a big reason I might not stay long.

Yes, those two reasons are important. Johnathan left to spend time with his mother during her final months of life before passing away.

Its fun feeling out of place when youre visiting but it becomes negative when you want to live there long term.

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I guess this video suffered from unfortunate timing.

Do you know if many foreign TEFL teachers are leaving China because of the coronavirus outbreak, or are they sticking it out?

Lol, it did eh?

Im not sure. I haven't heard of foreigners leaving for that reason. But nowadays, people are all staying indoors and only going out if absolutely necessary.

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