Making Japanese Sushi Out of CANDY

in dtube •  last month

Don't mind the shitty thumbnail. I bought Japanese candy sushi from an imported store in China. You have to follow instructions extensively to create the final product but it was pretty fun making. Does it taste any good? Watch the video and find out.

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Thanks for reading & watching

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LOL that is amazing @kenanqhd, the color and the appearance really shows Japanese ingenuity about that sweet candy sushi style.


Agreed. Japanese people can be quite clever!

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Man these are some really good looking sushi hehe.
Looks like a fun procedure to make this candies bro.
I bet they were VERY SWEET.Hahaha.

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Now that i know how to do it, i think it will be more fun. The enjoyment is in making them. They actually dont taste that good lol.

Posted using Partiko Android

Omg I got one too I just haven’t had the time to go make it lolol


The process of making them is definitely more enjoyable than the taste lol.

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Haha yeh I was making a jap candy today - much simpler but my expectations were too high of the candy quality haha and the result didn’t look that nice either

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What a wild title you have here. Who would have thought this was even possible 🍱 🍬 🍭 🍙


Yeah they really put a lot of thought into this. Everything was setup perfectly lol.

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I just heard about Japanese sushi, it sounds definitely delicious, unfortunately I don't know what the combination is

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