Donating My Old Clothes in China

in dtube •  2 months ago

I found these donation boxes that are planted within apartment complexes where you can deposit your old clothes in. Upon arrival, I wasn't sure whether the clothes will be recycled into new clothes/new fabrics or donated. It was hard to understand. Anyway, I hope that they are put to good use in some way and someone out there benefits from them.

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Thanks for reading & watching

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I wish we have such system in my country, definitely I'll step in to say it's an amazing gesture because I see your getting past your VPN problem in other to make this video really, well-done buddy, I think the clothes will obviously be recycled really if it's a government friendly initiative, cheers buddy.

Why didn't you ask me first?! 🙄 well before u give out any old stuff contact okay? Lol

Lol you have a nice tone though. But i can do better 😎


Youre right. You look like a slim guy so those clothes mightve fit you well. How tall are you?

Post a video of you singing or I wont believe you 😁

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I'm about 5.11

And yeah I can sing better. I don't have to prove it 😎

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Were exactly the same height.

And yeah I can sing better. I don't have to prove it


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I donate some old clothes in a temple in my city,the temple do the good things for the person who need them : )


Fantastic. Good for you and the temple!

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Nicely done!

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clothing donation boxes re use clothing as second hand to poor people in "thrift" shops usually ran by religious groups. What isn't useable anymore usually is recycled as other kinds of fabrics including filling for pillows, hand towls, workshop towls, rags, etc. It is a noble thing to do to donate clothing..
Your a good thoughtful person :)


Wow thats good to know. How do you know all of this?

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we have them here in Australia :)

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