❤️ When Steemit Chat is Down... Try Acroyoga! ❤️

in dtube •  last year  (edited)

(Click on image above to see Dtube video)

So today, I was chatting with @ramengirl on Steemit Chat, making final plans for our Asia trip together... when this message appeared on @ramengirl's screen...


I nearly died laughing... "You might want to try acroyoga in the meantime" OMG! I'm glad our acroyoga videos can bring you all entertainment. Click on the Dtube video above to see where the "acroyoga" link takes you. Thanks @ramengirl for sending me this video! :P

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (3).gif

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Or discord :P


ahahhaha good solution... but acroyoga is so much fun! :P


or you are just as lazy as always and do nothing all day xD

very cool video, thank you @karensuestudios


HAha thanks!

I really love you guys.. you make so freaking happy 😃 life is awesome ! Stay incredible lover bugs !


ahahhahaha! :) Right!?!?! I can't believe Steemit chat featured acroyoga!!! YAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!


What day are you guys going to Thailand ? Also I could use some lovins on my two latest posts if you’d be so kind 👽lol I wanna fuckin go to Thailand

this is awesome..i like this video so much..
thanks for sharing...

That’s hilariously awesome!! Acro yoga fly me karen!!


hehehe :) RIght!?!?!


Exellent advice

Awe! You guys are awesome! And so true, its time to get my acro yoga on :)


awww!! Good to hear from you! :) YAY!! Acro everyday!