If Nobody Knows It Is The Best, Is It Still The Best?

in dtube •  last month

Hey There SteemVerse Friends,

Some thoughts on the Twitter Hustle. Would like to hear your thoughts too :)

Thank you so much for watching. Truly appreciate your time here.

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Thank you :)

Haha I like how you try to confiscate his phone 😝
Btw the shades in the car is it hard to see while driving? I’ve always wondered and didn’t put them on

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I think she did a good job in asking for the phone back. Can't really do anything while driving down the road AND recording anyway. What do you mean by "shades"? Shades are sunglasses...

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Hehe the sun shades for the car windows

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Thank you @gungho...
The addiction is crazy...
I just confiscated the other boy's phone
They are not allowed to bring it to bed with them.
And I caught him two hours after he said goodnight, and he pretended that he didn't have it with him, little did he know it was blinking under the blanket.
So now the phone's with me for 2 weeks. And he dare not even ask me for it... at least not yet hahaha


Yes, if I left him to his own devices... it will really be his own "devices" from one screen to the next
phone, pc, ps4...
Those shades are placed where they do not block the side mirrors. And that's why you see there are gaps. But actually you still can see through them. But I would suggest leaving gaps for your rear view and side mirrors :)

I like the fact that you took the video while driving when it was raining cats and dogs! This makes your point clear that when we're loud enough, we can make ourselves heard.

I like the fact that you took the video while driving when it was raining cats and dogs! This makes your point clear that when we're loud enough, we can make ourselves heard.

As you said, we may have the best whatever in town, but if we don't advertise it, it's not going anywhere. Because we're dealing with a decentralized system, it's the people who need to go out and advertise, not ned. Don't know if Twitter is the answer, though. I'm talking about real advertisement companies who advertise to people who are interested. We need to advertise to people who are interested in cryptocurrency, not blogging neccessarily.

Like your 2nd second son's facial expressions btw! So funny like a comedian!


OMG hahahahahahahahaha


I had to squeeze in some time and I did not expect it to rain... The weather here goes from sun to rain and back to sun in minutes.

I think for Twitter because there's a call to action, there are those who have jumped on board. And why not... the whole, on the pretext of any publicity is good publicity .
Right now, nobody has heard of Steem... so getting the name out there adds up
The whole chicken and egg situation....

And advertisements cost fiat.... that's a tricky one. But if there is something that goes viral... that could do the trick.. but you can't plan viral, can you ...

Yeah, that boy is a bit of a comedian... ;D

I certainly agree we need to some (and alot alot alot) of noise or else the rest will outdo. Everyone is making noise of their passion, so we are doing just the same, or even more. Haha.

We will soon be Steem Fans Craze.


Yes, my daughter asked me if I was now Ambassador of Steem
But it is really good to know the kind of people that are running by our side
It's a good feeling <33

Get him mama! Haha. I just finally jumped on Twitter last night, and holy moly the #hustle is real! You all are out there making it happen! I'm finding everyone now, then I'll try to get in the habit of that whole Tweeting thing soon. ;)


Yay, more to love on Twitter ahahaha
I'm also learning to juggle everything...still a WIP :D
I will be looking out for you too <33

lol you go mama. My kids are adicted to devices too, its nuts lol

the more people we can get tweeting the better, imagine all the tweets if every one that posted also shared the post on twitter. Lets make some noise ( as I share this post on twitter)


With all this hustling they are probably saying the same thing about me hahaha
But yeah, I've earned it ;p

Let's just keep going
Twitter, then wherever we need to bring the noise
It's great to be doing this with a bunch of Steemians I know, like and respect <33


high five