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Well well well! Clear the runways at LAX, because the Unibrow has landed.

The Lakers and the Pelicans agreed to terms on a trade this evening that is sending premiere big man Anthony Davis to LA and the all the Big Baller Brand hopes and dreams to New Orleans. Sorry Lonzo, I like your game, kid, but your dad? Sheesh.

And uh...yeah, how's that for showtime central?

But seriously, LA is looking for a ring. They are also sending 3 first round picks the way of NOLA and essentially their entire young core roster other than Kyle Kuzma (who I think shows the most promise anyway).

Also, how excited do you think ole Bron Bron is?! I truly think that Kuzma can develop into the third head of another Big 3 phenomenon, and it's going to be crazy to see this team go out and drop 60-80 on a nightly basis just between their two superstars.

Question is...can AD and LBJ take down Steph, Klay, and KD in the Western Conference.

Man, the Finals just ended and I already cannot wait for next NBA season!

Andddd...shoutout to my boy Ochocinco in the back. I will never take your Fathead down brotha.

PS: I'm posting now on a platform called Cent as well! Check it out @hypebeast

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Glad the Celtics didn't give up Tatum for AD rental.

I feel that. He was headed to LA or NY one way or another with free agency around the corner, honestly the pelicans got an incredible deal given that was coming up.

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I think Lonzo with thrive with Zion. They will be fun to watch no doubt.

Agreed! Zion honestly will make everyone around him better

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