DTube Exclusive Video 105: All Around Gratitude!

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I want to start with some gratitude for the support on my last video! Finally put out my content reel from the last few months and y'all who commented were so kind. I truly appreciate that, it really does mean the world. Every short film is so much fun to create not only for the visuals and the art, but also because of the response and feedback that I get from those who watch the video and enjoy it. So thank you again!

And that's what the video is about today too. Got out to a beach I love, and reflected on some gratitude that I have, from waking up another day, to living near the ocean, to being able to walk, breathe, see, eat, smell, taste, touch, etc! Hope you enjoy the message of the video!

And let me know in the comments below: what are y'all grateful for today?

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Bass Pro Shop! 😂 Excellent words of wisdom here @jumpmaster. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of kids in the background having fun enjoying life. As I was watching and listening to this video... I had this thought... We should be grateful for having the ability to BE grateful.
The entire message all goes back to the notion that what we focus on and think about will be attracted into our lives. You focus on success, on happiness, on joy, on fulfillment... those things will be drawn to you the more you hone in on the feelings that those aspects bring along with them.
Great stuff here, that beach looks amazing on a nice warm day ☀️ ☁️

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Haha yeah man! I have four hats down here and 3 are Bass Pro hats. Always repping what I love. I do miss Saturday mornings out on the lake catching biguns, but can't beat living by the ocean. Also, big time vibes with what you said! What you focus on is what you attract. 100%, like you said. And that's why it's so important to keep those things that are most important to you at the forefront of our consciousness. Full focus achieves great results, and feelings also have the power to pull us in the directions best meant for us.