Day 7 of the @NathanMars7 #seven77 #STEEM pushup challenge for my mom @jaynie.

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Hey guys!!!! Guess what... I am officially on holiday for two weeks and so are all my friends so today they all joined me for the @nathanmars #seven77 #STEEM pushup challenge.


Hope you enjoy the "EPIC" from my world today!

Thanks for watching guys :)

See you next time :)

I am @judethedude!

I am 9 years old, in grade 4 and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
The most EPIC things in my life are Hotwheels adventures, Lego,
playing Minecraft, Roblox, listening to music,
trying out cool science experiments, doing karate
and having LOADS of fun!!!




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WOW! Great job!

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My personal favourite #SEVEN77 so far!

Loving the team Jude


yay! thank you

ah enjoy your holidays, Jude! Make sure you make some room for posting on Steemit, you can take your hardworking momma on a date x


haha yes!!! thanx :D

Whaaaat hahaha you're multiplying guys :D How many of you will be in the videos on the day 77? :D


haha!!! not that many!!!

@judethedude Well done and you surely look like a cool dude!
This little blessing is sure to make his mom @jaynie very proud in all that he does!


true story ;) Could NOT be prouder of my little man! He is the GREATEST blessing in my life!


haha thanx! I try my best!

AAAAHAHAH Love it¡!!!💚💙💚😃 Follow the leader Jude!💪

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hehehehehe... my little bossy boots - mommies boy hahahaha!!!!

Good job @judethedude! You got some awesome friends. I miss being young and hanging out with my friends like that. Keep doing those pushups so you can stay strong!


haha me too hey @derekrichardson ;)


thx! Yes its fun to not be old! :D

You have your own team now @judethedude! Great job!


And I only noticed afterward that there were 7 of them on Day 7 of the 77 days hahahaha :) A good start to the holidays haha :)


That's really a good start!! Go team, go!


all my friends yes! thanx :D

Keet going @judethedude
You are bringing all kinds of fun pushups to the challenge :)


COOL!!! Thanx :D