My Friend Pedro - Game Walkthrough

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Hello everyone,

Today I had fun playing 'My Friend Pedro', a pure action game focused on gun fight and crazy salto stunts.

Just my kind of game!

I think I haven't had that much fun playing a game since Max Payne 3...


Capture d'écrans_20191214-181429.png

In 'My Friend Pedro', not much to the story, but who cares! You're jumping around and kicking ass! Slow motion, back flips, splitted aim... Many deadly techniques to discover and to master.

I felt like Neo in a Deadpool suit!



That could already be a lot of fun but the game kicks it up a notch with cool setting and accessories.

You're shooting around from a sliding hook, a rolling barrel or even a skateboard. Some clever puzzles with levers or bouncy metal plates are spread out along the way.

Capture d'écrans_20191214-211234.png

Capture d'écrans_20191214-211136.png

Every now and then you get original sequences like a motorbike chase or a sky-dive shootout! I'll definitely revisit those just for the fun of it!



One con I could find, sometimes a clanky way to control the character as he automatically bounces back from walls. Once you figure out how the character moves, you can get through the puzzles much better.

Hope you give it a try. It's definitely a must... If you like fun slow-mo shootouts at least.

See you on the other side,


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