DTube - Was Norway Just CAUGHT SPYING On Russia For NATO?

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One of our recent video reports!
See the original article below:

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about Frode Berg, a Norwegian Border Inspector who John had once known in Norway who was recently imprisoned in Russia for spying.

Berg was prominent among Norwegian military along the Norway/Russia border and while in Moscow was caught carrying state secrets. The big question is, who was he spying for? Norway? It gets a lot more complicated than that.

For years, NATO and globalism intelligence apparati have been gathering secrets and spying on Russia in their attempt to create instability between the two countries as the European Union continues to gather ground as their own military is built in order to shove the Russian bear. This is happening at the same time as Canada pushes forward Operation Unifier which aims to gather Canadian troops around the Russian border.

For many years, the Russian border has been co-opted by NATO with a missile shield which stops missiles from leaving the border but doesn't stop them from entering. This is effectively an act of aggression in itself.

This is all happening at the same time as relations are at their lowest since the 1960s, the North Korea fearmongering heats up and problems persist between the United States, China and Iran.

This is the perfect script. A populace in fear is a populace in servitude. We end up being pawns to be sacrificed for the king and the queen in the military industrial complex's goal of absolute instability and monetary control.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this important issue.

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Appreciate what you and John do bringing the real news!

I don't like my country (Canada) putting troops on the Russian borer, I think we should mind our own business and stay out of this shit


I forgot you were Canadian too


Yeah, it's sickening. A big globalist popularity contest. I want no part in it, but we the individuals living in Canada are being used as pawns to sacrifice for the king and the queen.

I really hope we dont get to see a new world war. With all the crazy presidents sitting on a nuke button and more tension each day i'm afraid we might end up there. Really a shame how we as individual can be very smart but collectively we are actually very dumb. Just look at who is president in the biggest nations and how they are governed.


Actually, it will be kinda cool. Like Captain America civil war, doesn't it?

Which country doesn't spy on there neighbors? Especially when your neighbor can kick your backside!

Russia is getting the short end of the stick, I'm surprised they're not causing more shit!

Your idea is too funny.

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It can be true!

And I fear it will get worse before it gets better.

It is very probable!
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all this crazy stuff happening this days could this be a happy new year message from Russian..not to digress NATO-member Norway is part of the coalition of countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia following its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea. and they accuse Russians of using military means to achieve political goal and this make the story more interesting....@joshsigurdson The maximum penalty for espionage in Russia is 20 years in prison, while the minimum sentence is 10 years..hoops...

Stay tuned! That's can be true!


Its probable i like your post and follow you thanks

Good post you @joshsigurdson... I like this

Informative and nice post @joshsigurdson

Your post made me aware of NATO as it is my first time to hear of it. Anyway, this is a good read! Thanks! :)


Not heard of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).... ok. Norway is a part of the organization and you can find a ton of information here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO or here https://www.nato.int/

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I wish we dont get to see a new world war

leaking other country information is very dangerous his punishment in my opinion and your post is very interesting enough

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Lol wonder if the media sees the irony ^^

Nice post quite interesting

Interesting post i think it will happen
But why always the news is about china north korea usa iran ?

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Manténganse al tanto talvez pueda ser cierto esto :

The sad struggle to have more power, good post, greetings.

And mostly Norwegians think the Russians are the bad guys lol

An acquaintance of mine who lives in Sweden said that the government told them to be prepared to survive without any government services for a week. What is going on over there?


Sweden is vulnerable since its a relatively large country in relations to the number of people living there. (Only 10 millions on a area larger than Germany with 80 million inhabitants). Most people are concentrated to the south or along the coast line and most of the natural resources are in the north where also most of the water power is produced.

For several years now there have been a gradually dismantling of the emergency preparedness. The dependency of electricity have sky rocketed. The industry, health care and society in whole can't function without it.

In case of ANY large emergency, may it be a terrorist attack, sabotage, natural disaster or accident of any kind it can take days before electricity, water and similar necessities we all take for granted could be restored. Since most new homes can't function without electricity (heat, water, communication and similar stuff) the whole country could be shut down...

This have been discussed for several years now in relation to natural disasters and the increased military tension in the region makes it only more necessary to prepare the people for any crisis the may/will come.

MSB (Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap) have a special website for emergency preparedness you can check out here.


By the way... Norway is a part of NATO so it's not strange that a Norwegian is spying on Russia...


Very interesting! Thanks for this explanation! That makes perfect sense.

This is really awsome script. Thanks for sharing my dear friend@joshsigurdson.I appreciate your significant this content.

If we are going to experience new world war this world would end USA Russia could destory the future of people with thier nukes.That is serios sh..

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A lot written here is oversimplified... Russian agency in this can't be ignored (they invaded and destabilised a non-NATO state due to calls within that country to align with NATO. This followed corruption and Russian-collusion allegations against Yanukovych). Also who/what are the king and queen in this context?

Thankyou so much for bringing me the real news.

Hi, Norwegian here. Frode Berg was tricked by a russian because he was very gullible. I'm not sure about the details but yeah, no, definetively not a spy. Just look up a picture of the guy.

Where do you get this information? Do you share very interesting information?

Where do you get this information? Do you share very interesting information?

A good article about this latest video reports has been written, it has a good report about the relations between America, Russia and NATO, North Korea and USA, China and Iran.

very good with this news, because Russia we know strong country and vice versa as well as nato. speaking Norwegian country is taking advantage of political and war situation, and geo politics


@joshsigurdson is DEAD ON....
NATO was one of THE WORST ideas ever thought of - in my opinion - and all it is... Is yet ANOTHER masked attempt to GLOBALIZE Police Forces NATION-WIDE, as well as WORLDWIDE... In fact, the sad truth is most likely, that globalization of ANY governments around the planet, is a CLEAR sign that the so-called, "elites" are in fact, attempting to move forward with their one-world government/one-world currency/ ONE WORLD ECONOMY agenda!! Which, of course is being controlled & manipulated by the top richest 1% of the population. THESE PEOPLE ALSO WANT TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH!!! YES.... THEY, want the WORLD'S POPULATION to be depopulated AAAAAALL THE WAY down, from roughly 6.8 Billion people, to only 500 Million people!!!! (Look up: the Georgia Guide Stones, you won't believe your eyes)


same here too. I concur here too

NATO is a terrorist organization!

Nothing new here, Russian jets and Norwegian jets have been clashing for a long time now. Russia is eyeing the Baltic states but knows they cannot do anything against NATO...for now. All that they can do is promote fear in the region and get people against each other, a tactic very well used by the Kremlin, so Norwegian jets spying on Russia as a counter attack seems nothing far fetched

i am waiting for your next postss

Very interesting! This looks very promising.

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