DTube - Japan's Second Largest Bank To Invest 100 BILLION Yen In Stocks!

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Trying to keep up with my DTube reports but DTube has been failing to upload my videos 9 times out of 10 so it's been difficult to publish them.

Here's the original article for this video report:

In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about Japan's second largest bank, Japan Post's plan to plow 100 billion Yen in stocks over the next five to ten years.
100 billion Yen is basically about 904 million US dollars.
John breaks down how completely insane this move is as banks continue to invest in stocks and risk depositors' money.

As John says,
"The old banks, they had the deposits and they borrowed out a fractional amount to car loans to house loans to business loans, etc.
That's their business, it's not to invest in the stock market.
Stock market investing is for us as investors or people on Wall Street, or if you actually invest in hedgefunds, ETFs or mutual funds.
A bank's job is not investing in stocks.
Now you're creating a bank that depositors thought they had their money safe in creating massive amounts of risk on the volatility of stocks. It's insane.
It's not a bank anymore, it's closer to being a hedge fund or a mutual fund where you just basically have shares.
Before they used to have the savings and loans companies and they were broken up into savings banks and investment banks.
The problem is now the banks can do whatever they want with your money and invest in derivatives with the money you borrow to the banks. Banks are not making any money on the deposits anymore. They're making next to zero and with negative interest rates they don't even care about that anymore. They do whatever they want, investing your money in whatever they want to risk it on."

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Banks should have never been allowed to speculate in stocks, but with negative interest rates, there's just no other game in town these days. I suspect many banks have also begun speculating in the cryptocurrency markets as well.

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Nice work sir

Killer post and video Josh, give Dtube time to get their backend smooth. RESTEEM'd!


Thanks! :) Yeah, I definitely expect a few bugs. Just been a little frustrating getting videos up this past few days.

Very informative.. Upvoted... Follow back... check my post.. Thanks

Of course! They need to back their currency with assets that will fall faster than the average market they trade. Think about it:
Japan's role is to host "the cheapest money" on the market to assure their position as the cheapest lender. That is why we call the yen "arbitration currency." Do YOU know that this means? It implies someone thinks the US market is going to crash soon and they are merely arranging the underlying assets to assure that this role continues...

This is a double edged sword with common people smashed in between.

On one side government says don't keep your money at home for risk of money laundering and on the other side bank is risking our money.

The answer is becoming louder and louder! Crypto is the way to go to keep our savings safe!

After talking with @heimindanger, I made a post with the latest stats of DTube and how well it is competing with Youtube. Do check it out! You are part of the stats @joshsigurdson :)

Cheers XD

In the old days we had "Investment Houses". In the old days before the Glas Steigel act ( which prevented banks from behaving exactly like this),was rescinded. Thank you former President Clinton for this and many other wonders.