What Is DTube? - Why It Can Replace YouTube! (FULL Report)

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Watch What Is DTube? - Why It Can Replace YouTube! (FULL Report) video on DTube

In this video, I break down the new streaming video platform "DTube" and how it can actually break down the barriers so many YouTube creators face today.

DTube is a decentralized streaming video platform linked to Steemit (the decentralized social media) which allows users to upload videos easily and make money (or cryptocurrency) via the upvotes or likes on their post. As YouTube brings in the Anti-Defamation League to demonetize content and label it as "hate speech", DTube couldn't have come at a better time.

While there are still many bugs on the platform, one can upload a video in mp4 format, upload a thumbnail and post submit the video. It will post on Steemit and on DTube itself of course. This free market innovation can in the long term take over if enough people get involved.

As the creator (Adrien M) says himself, the walls can come crashing down at any time. Remember, this platform is up against a multi-billion dollar giant. But as it stands today, creators have no choice but to look elsewhere to make a living, especially independent media which need the money in order to survive despite being more in demand than mainstream media.

The process on DTube is simple and is growing daily. We at WAM are proud to have joined the platform on the day it launched and hope to look back with a grin when it grows to more than a million users.

The free market always finds a way to provide that which is so incredibly needed. Watch for WAM videos not only on YouTube but on DTube.video as well!

While many may ask why we don't just move to DTube and leave YouTube behind, it's simple... While we need the money to survive, it's not about money for us. We want to educate those who are not getting the information they need and if we leave YouTube all together and only post on DTube, we will be in an echo chamber of people who already understand the problems.

With that said, we want to be on the forefront of this incredible innovation which stands to have massive future potential.

With your help, let's watch this grow and solve the problems we have with censorship with decentralized blockchain technology!

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Great Post. Very Informative.

Thank you! :)

hi there,
I'm just starting to use steam it..I don't totally understand what is going on, but I can see that also within this community, will be people with a lot of steam power, that eventually will decide -what is "good" content and the normal people will continue to see it as a centralize by steemit ELITES..
do you know if there is something being developed to create fairness in this system?

A lot of potential here and I think Dtube will be overall more appealing to creators than YouTube. Not relying on Google ads will be the most appealing thing! People powered value is what all creators want behind them.

Good report.

Thank you! And exactly! It's the demand of the individual instead of having to bow down to advertisers or the Anti-Defamation League. lol Doesn't get better than that! :P
We just have to work hard together to keep this machine churning!

Great post. This could be a guide

Thank you! I appreciate it! :)

you are :)
I will to try

Good post, short and sweet, I wasn't aware of D-Tube until you mentioned it in your latest steemit post regarding the Nigeria Helicopter money drop. I have know WAM youtube channel ever since my work mate showed it to me and then I watched your interview with RObert Kiyosaki at the Red Pill Expo. Keep this up guys, doing great!!♥️

Thank you! Happy to do it! :)

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youtube will be obsolete

I sure hope it takes off! YouTube is going full censorship quickly!

As long as crypto becomes mainstream, I see no reason why dtube cant take over youtube.

It will actually take down YouTube decentralization from the free market is what wee need. this is sis similar to what steemit will do to Facebook.

very good post. great job!

can we upload videos on dtube which are already on our youtube channel

how can I follow?

dtube is best

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I'm so glad I read this. I have been seeing references to Dtube and had no idea what that was about. I'm so behind the times when it come to techy stuff. I'm probably one of the last souls on earth that still doesn't have a cell phone, lol.

Wow this post really effective

Thanks for the info. I hope to see this platform develops into some seriously needed competition for YouTube.

i took a look at dtube 2 days ago and i like the idea , and i am sure it will take off , but it still have some problems with the ease of use , at least from a viewer perspective .

Shared for others! Thank You @joshsigurdson!

Good Info.............

Where Dtube store videos??

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I wonder if this is finally a way I could finish and share my Breaking Bad 2 Hour Cinematic Recap without it getting taken down. The file is about 10gb though, I was working on a nearly 4 hour version but with all the copyright issues I gave up despite all the people asking for it lol.

I'd probably get sued though...

thanks for spreading the news

buen post espero tu apoyo en mi blog

was waiting for this to be launched! wow!

videos on the block chain? - Youtube better take notice, here comes steem!

upvoted and followed you !

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Thank you for sharing good info about DTUBE. I think it will be growing fast :-)

Log in right away on dtube. thank you

I'm late to this post. I was trying to find a link to download it. It's not in the playstore and i can't find any other source. Thanx for the info.

A free market always gets the best results.

Something for you @marketreport ??

lot of information in this post

Yes youtube pays too low price and we can not generate handsome income using youtube but Dtube is one of the best platform that help us to grow our business. Thanks Dtube for everything.

Very informative. I knew nothing Dtube before

informative post. trying to upload a video on dtube. glad i saw this post.

Thanks for the information shared. Already I got myself registered in dtube and started uploading.

so from what i see, you have to open an account with Dtube , you cant use the existing steemit account correct?

Late to the party, as I have juuuust joined Steemit, but thank you for this post! I've been wanting to create a YouTube channel for a while now, but with YT making it so much harder on small/new channels, I haven't been so sure lately! I hope to see DTube become the way of the future for content creators!

With innovations like this steemit would continue to get stronger by the day

good post. tnks you

Good article... it would have been great to articulate how a content creator is rewarded. Are there any rewards for consumers?

nice post! thanks for the info!

Great post. Well DTube certainly has came up at a good time. Youtube algorithms have just went berserk and its no longer thinking of the small creators who are also big time subscribers and viewers and also Youtube is just about revenue from its advertisers. With new update to this YouTube partner policy, Youtube has once again made it clear, all it means it the Revenue from the Ads.

A big BIG problem for Dtube and steem is that Google being the nanny of YouTube, controls all the search engine optimization for YouTube. So if we search for Videos, we only get YouTube video links.

Google as a search is extremely biased for the companies which it earns most from. Many wont believe it, but that the truth. If the rift between Amazon and Google widens, we won't see Amazon sold item on top of Google search as well.

Also the top Youtubers are turning more and more baised these days with sponsored contents and endorsements and what not. Which they never say but for a average person, it is normal but if we tend to think logically, it will make sense.

Ultimately we are seeing what is a very manipulated matter. We see what the multi-billion companies wants us to see.

i like the way you explain things great man

Tks for sharing...
I will try with Dtube! It would be better than Youtube.

Cheers for the info on DTube, very helpful, definitely going to start using it.

wow this is great. i love it!

Unless Google stops funding YouTube, I don't see it going anywhere. These new sites are a great second channel for your work, but I don't see them replacing Youtube, if that were the case Dailymotion or Vimeo would already overtaken Youtube.

excellent post, im a youtuber but i definetly will creat more content on this platform. Regards.

nice article. im looking for youtube alternatives. i got suspended at youtube. granted, my channel was about yeast infection. but its scary because all you get are copy paste replies. i asked them what is specifically wrong, but they just sent me copy-paste reply. i spent time and effort making videos, and its so easy to get suspended. anyone can flag you and your channel will be gone in an instant.

Thanks for sharing this. I am excited to see that steemit is expanding.