Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows: How to use Minnowbooster to help others! [DTube]

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In my latest installment in my Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows Tutorial Series, I show how to use Minnowbooster to help other content creators on the Steem blockchain. This method is especially useful if you're a minnow with low voting power but you want an extra boost in showing your support for a post you enjoyed.

I give away 0.1 SBD to a random commenter who leaves a high-quality comment on the previous video, so make sure to do so. Also, if you found this video helpful, upvote this post, share and make sure to follow for more tutorial tips.

If you're viewing this post on Steemit, make sure to click the image at the top of the post to view the video on DTube. And as always, thank you for watching.


▶️ DTube

Never knew you could do this, cheers

The minnowbooster is one of my favorite tools that is offered. I have used it multiple times to help me get a boost to my upvote value.

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