VLOG 009: Artistic Journey 001 - Giving myself permission to create

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

Rather than starting my artistic journey vlogs with a rehash of the past, I've decided to focus on the positive emotions associated with recent experiences as I've given myself permission to create anew.

Instead of just shooting and posting the video, I decided to edit it a little bit to cut out dead space. I also read from some notes to help me guide my thoughts a bit more, but going forward I'll probably start writing full scripts for my videos.

If you're seeing this on Steemit, please click on the image to view the video.

Thank you for watching,


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When you post on Dtube can you take it down in the future when you don't want it up on the internet anymore?

Technically, no. Once something is posted to the blockchain it is permanent. That is one of the benefits of the blockchain.

As much as I hate edits, I see the need for them and it really shows a diffence in your video's josh now its snap snappity snap snap great job.

Thank you for the open sharing of your musical journey. There is something to be said for commiting to the post, the blog, the song, what have you. Having discovered steemit, and watching others curate their creative aspirations keeps me optimistic about the potential which can be shared and cultivated.

Thank you :) And I agree - the creative potential expressed by the Steemit community is inspiring.

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