Small Town Living!

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I rant about living in a small town and trying to get things done, lol! We got a new dishwasher, and lo and behold, no power cord or incoming water supply hose!!! Had to do that myself, but, thankfully, it's working great, now that I fixed the leak, lol! New refurbished portable 14,000 BTU A/C units that work great, and are quite a bit cheaper than the $10,000.00 estimate to deal with HVAC. I installed the gas oven we brought from our old house cause the oven here only worked for 2 days before going kaput, so I had to get appropriately sized gas hose and reducer and convert it from natural gas to propane. We also finally just got a riding lawn mower!!! But, you don't get to see it yet, cause it was dark when I made the video, and I make a habit of not going outdoors after dark due to the presence of night spooks, so.... ;-)

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you are a new dtuber vlogger to me! just started to follow! :) -- i make a 'hello human' series on steem for dtubers. making sure i try and comment on dtubers that have zero comments just so i can engage! -- i clicked because of your title. i'd love to live somewhere small town tbh. less people! :)

Yes, less people! Also, less city ordinances, and no HOA regulations! No snow tickets, or "your grass is too tall" tickets, or "You got too much crap in your yard and I don't care that it's your backyard, you still have to get rid of it!" tickets, or "I see the tags on this car in your driveway are expired, you need to look into that!" tickets cause I let my bro park his car in my driveway. I mean, good heavens, it's my own driveway, isn't it? It's my own backyard isn't it? So, now we're finally out from under that government thumb we'd been dealing with for years and it's sooo awesome! But, it's also been a lot of work since we've been here, and we still have a heap of work to do, but we're making progress bit by bit.

Hey Joshlit,
Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well.

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