How I got a "retweet" and "like" from a verified account (Learn the most effective ways to promote steem)

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Hello there @Josediccus here today with a brilliant way which you can grow your steem twitter audience and get more people talking about steem this video is meant to utilize the commercialized feature of twitter to reach more people in the twitter world instead of doing futile steem campaign with no progress involved, so many people are doing unprofitable campaign and this wouldn't yield in the long run

So how can you run a profitable twitter campaign?

There are three steps to follow in the video, and this will help you utilize the powerful tools I mentioned in promoting steem successfully on twitter, after this watch your tweet impressions and the people it'll reach, thank me later.

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These are really Excellent ways of promoting steem . we can promote steem in a better way by following those accounts who are involved in crypto currency. Thats an excellent idea.
engagemnet is another good way for promoting steem in an effective way. Thats the most involving factor when promoting something new to the world. Through engagement we can bring more value to our blockchain promotion.
Brilliant sum up @josediccus .

The first point is really essential and I'm glad you noticed that because it's the prerequisite not to spam accounts not related to cryptocurrency really, in other words we can spam a bit but stylishly however accounts related to cryto is best

Yeah,,sometimes we try to spam the post,,but thats not fair.
Thats why nathan is giving importance to quality comments.

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Good job man. Youve been killing it on twitter. I want to help you but my vpn in china is not working now 😑

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Thank you so much buddy, I appreciate all your help, what's wrong with the vpn?

Twitter is blocked in China. I cant get my VPN to connect to a server outside of China for some reason. I have to wait for the company to fix this issue before I can access twitter. Ill be there in spirit!

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Yes only unique content can take you upto peak and how's good your content will direct more steem attraction towards you.But the problem is where can I get the unique content give me some tips

Please try and watch the video it's imperative not to comments this way

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Raise the standards first

You always bring great information to all of us Brother @josediccus. Twitter engagement is key ro success on Twitter for sure. I am still learning all about Twitter engagement myself. Thanks for this Amazing information and always wishing much success and growth brother.

May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always be surrounded by Endless Blessings.

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