The Feeling Of Being Undeserved Of Life's Good Things; Should This Be A Normal Phenomenon?

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There are sometimes we undergo some series of good events or good turn out of events in our lives and due to the fact that we might not have been exposed to such an amazing form of experience in our our lives it may begin to seem unusual or it may begin to seem as if we might not deserve it. This is simply because we feel that we haven't really put in hard work for the larger input that we are getting in other words that it feels as if we have put in less output and we are getting more input for the less we give out. This mindset makes us question if we are totally deserve of the good thing start once in a while happen in our life especially if it is constant or frequent.
The truth is that in life whatever happens either good or bad isn't really a testament of what we have done sometimes it might be something that someone close to us has done and now we are reaping the dividends that means that there isn't simultaneous action for simultaneous results because it might be delayed proportion.
That said, whenever good things are happening to us we are totally deserving of it because at one time in life we might have put in hard work which we might have currently forgotten.

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:) You seem way too smart for your age. I can imagine that it is difficult for your immediate environment to discuss with you because you have a really impressive knowledge and insight. Finding one's place in society, questioning the past and the present while still maintaining a stable position, is always a challenging life task.
Is my assumption correct that you are seen as a challenger by your fellow world? I can be wrong, that is why I ask.

You have a great sense of mission ... I wonder where you could have already got that from? The privilege of young people is to be searching and questioning things, quickly in judgment and action. Weighing things up is an opportunity that can come with age and is based on many years of experience. Impatience and carelessness are assigned to the young, patience and profundity to the old. I just serve a somewhat generalizing point of view, which does not apply to every person in the same way.

In some systems, on some occasions, roles are reversed for very specific reasons. Have you gained your insights through intensive study or are it predominantly role models or personalities from your immediate environment who influenced or impressed you?

Do you have times when you don't think, but find a creative ease in practical things?


Hello there I'm not as young as you think, I'm actually 25, I hit 25 in September and well as for being smart I've been influenced profoundedly by the society around me, I grew up in an ignorant Society where people hardly understands the onus of education so I took it upon myself to be vastly educated in all field of life including science.
I thoroughly read through your feedback the other time you left a comment on my blog and it's the first time I'm getting such insightful feedback as well. So I'm 25 I think the smartness is quite worth the age don't you think?

I assumed that you are in the midst of your twenties. It's easy because I can look at you through your vlogs. I am double your age. In my previous relationships I was not fulfilled by my partners ability to discuss and so I was not satisfied with just "live my life along". Finally I found a fitting partner with whom I have to date intensive talks about the same topics you touch. I found my master, so to speak, and he found his in me.

I beg to differ that you live in an ignorant society. "Society" is just an expression and it has no character on its own. The perception of ignorance is a result of direct encounters (or confirmation through media). Whether you receive a willingness from another human to be in touch with what occupies you or not. Lack of "responsibility" to the deeper topics of existence means literally to "give no response". The reasons are manifold but often we under- or overestimate other people through the difficulty of communication.

HaHa, you are right, the smartness is quite worth the age! :) I encourage you to study along and give yourself the pleasure of getting support towards what is significant to you. My only question is where you can let go of your research and find creative ease in handy efforts. Because I assume that you maybe focus too much on thoughts. I can recognize myself in that, that is why I mention it. People told me sometimes that I am too much in my head. And I think they were right about that.

I am certain that the person you are looking for is going to be found in your immediate environment.

I'm amazed at your profound ability to be able to read the situation around, truth is you might be right that I'm into my thoughts too much but sometimes living in my thoughts and surveying my immediate environment as well as studying it gives me a dimensional point if view that seems really clear. In my opinion it's really influencing.
I think you're in your 50s then and without a doubt I think you're quite intuitive very profoundly and I'm really grateful you can relate to my videos, so far no one has been able to.

I'd say, most of what you think and talk about is for yourself. So peoples reactions will never meet what you say or publish in this intensity. But that's something to become aware of and try to meet it with equanimity. ... I can tell, it's hard to do. :)

You don't have to defend what's your nature. It is a good quality to go deep into contemplation and fathom what is going on around you. My question, however, was not aimed at this valuable ability, but solely at the pauses between your staying in the world of thought and the thoughtless existence when we wash the dishes, go shopping, sweep the yard or prepare a meal. I really understand that you are who you are.

My own head often floated in the clouds when I did something practical and this was made conscious to me by my surroundings. While I was dealing with the world problems, my fellow human beings allowed me to dwell in them and I often lacked to thank them. Not through the front door with verbal thanks, but by responding to a request from my mother, for example, who asked me to do a simple thing like setting the table. I often felt disturbed and discussed this wish with her instead of simply doing what she asked.

My fellow men had a lot of patience with me and that allowed me to ponder my thoughts. Some weren't so patient and I got it beaten left and right around the ears. So there are always people who allow with benevolence what constitutes one, while others envy it. Both are valuable feedbacks.

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Thanks a million

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You are welcome. : )

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