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Hello there it's @josediccus here guys and today I want to be talking about my culture and my culture practices, basically I'm from the Igbo part of South eastern Nigeria. We have three main recognizable ethnic group namely Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. So in this video I talk about the mode of greeting, from the young people, to the elderly people, and I also differentiated it with the style or mode of greeting from young people to young people, basically greetings and salutations play a whole lot of role in communication a cultural generation of someone's background and this is to an outsider, but to an insider it is basically to exhibit cultural values.

Also i spoke about the usefulness of bead display, normally beads are used for ambiguous purposes, first it can be used to differentiate between titled people and non titled people, for example someone wearing a red cap on the head and also wearing beads on the hands communicates that they're either royalty or a member of the ruling cabinet which is also royalty. Apart from that wearing of bead on the waist is common amongst young unmarried maiden its a means of beautification. Now the young women covers their chest with a piece of clothing and also the waist like to the thigh region, exposing their nabel while the male wears nothing on the chest but a loin cloth that covers their waist only. Except for titled people who wears heavy clothings.

Now there's something called ULI it's like a traditional tattoo of the Igbo people. It's used by the female to decorate their faces by unilaterally drawing it across their forehead down to their lips and to their chin, it's also used as a lipstick to paint the lips and this same uli is drawn on their exposed navel, it makes our women very beautiful. Also, the male wears this stuff on their arms as well around their biceps and well this region is where they also wear amulets. I speak explicitly about a beautiful culture. Watch well to enjoy

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