The Concept Of love and relating it to the blockchain

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Hello there, it's almost getting to February 14th and I this video I categorically touched the sensitivity of what people profess by the name of love, obviously the world is changing and so does, business, commerce, blockchain, human relativity, and then we have love changing too, my point it's basically no longer 100% plausible to practice the old kind of love the world use to know and in this video I took time to explain the reasons why

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You're right. The love on the blockchain (in so far as we can measure it) isn't unconditional. Just by the mechanism of vote and curation rewards, I think that without those curation rewards steem would be a field of bots farming each others votes with a crop of automatically generated shitposts. Believe me, there are some users who would prefer it that way, but they're not worth mentioning.

There is always a condition attached on the blockchain. I think that wonderful thing of unconditional love only really exists in that of parent for child.

Oh lordy, I'm a cynical bugger 😂

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Brilliantly spelt out, you even made my video more better with your realistic comment really, I believe a whole lot of people are afraid of addressing these kind of issues because they're afraid of losing support, but not to derail, I'm definitely happy you concur, I felt many people won't agree with me.

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