5 Shifts to Make THOUSANDS on Steemit/DTube - DTUBE DAILY #5

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Hey Everyone!

In today's video I talk about 5 shifts you can partake in to make THOUSANDS on Steemit/DTube! This video is a summary of a presentation Joe Parys gave at the Steem Creators Conference in Vegas this year!

Original video posted by @daveonarrival - https://dlive.io/video/daveonarrival/de7bf480-44f2-11e8-a699-f3be07be675a

I'm quite new to Steemit and I'm trying to learn new information every day! It's challenging breaking into this platform because I feel not all information is super readily available. Terms like STEEM, SBD, whales, minnows can be confusing and figuring this whole platform and cryptocurrency out is confusing! As I learn, I want to share the information with all you through this daily DTube series! I hope you can all learn something from it. :)

This is just a summary video for all you to learn a little quicker by, but I do highly recommend watching the full video daveonarrival provided for us, which is 37 min long.

Please go follow/upvote Dave for recording and sharing this awesome footage with us!

And also please go follow @joeparys for providing this information and making this community better/stronger all around! Thanks Joe!!

Final thanks to @dtube for providing such an amazing platform to share our content on. :)

Hope you all enjoy!

▶️ DTube

This is certainly a shift in the techniques we hear about when referring to growing a YouTube audience. DTube seems more focused on BOTS and artificial ways to increase your channel growth. However, if the sole goal is to earn the bucks then this is (hopefully) a great way to achieve that!

What camera are you using man?? Quality looks pretty awesome!
Im learning everyday to! Good video

Hey dude! It's a Canon 80D with a 10-18mm STM lens on it. It's great with good natural light! I was just standing in front of the window for this video. Looking forward to growing together as well. Follow for more man! :)

Yup, already am!

Looking forward to growing together!

Thanks for the shoutout. Joe had lots of great info.

Thanks again for sharing dude

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