The Road To....3000 CTP? Let's Have Some Fun....

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Changing things up....

Did you know that you can hit two goals at once here on Steem? Well, even more if you start the tag abuse, but we're trying to respect the tag!!!!!

Welcome to the Road To 3000 CTP...

CTP Token is the currency of our little slice of the blockchain...And we want to reward you for creating content on

We have an entire group of people LOOKING to upvote you so that you get to 3000 CTP tokens VERY quickly...And hey, you earn Steem along with it, so it's a win win!!!

Thank you so much for all the awesome comments last week....Tons of fun!

Remember, I will CONTINUE to upvote all your comments plus send you a @SteemBasicIncome unit as well!

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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Darn! I already have 3000CTP, so I don't need to watch these series... :P Anyways, my new goal is 10000CTP POWER!

And now, something more serious...This thing called STEEM dust is really a nasty thing, but... I'm posting in #CTP tribe and there are no "dust rules", so I'm upvoting comments, posts, EVERYBODY that brings value!!!

I would highly suggest to others to do something similar... Commenting, replying to the comments, and upvoting them inside the tribe is a win-win!

Making connections stronger in the community, makes the whole community BIGGER, STRONGER, BETTER!

I used to use dustsweeper before the recent HF's and will now look into if it still works after the HF.

I am commenting and voting your comment from within steempeak-tribe interface to see if it votes CTP.

Thanks for a great video @jongolson, and a really nice new goal with the road to 3000 CTP, so I already did that, onto the road to 30000 CTP.

Just a tip about dust on smaller accounts, there is a service called @dustbunny that can take care of that for free, it is run by @fraenk and they are doing a tremendous job, you just say that you want to join in a comment on one of their posts or in their Discord to apply.

It is recommended to delegate some before applying, and it's also a factor in how you get prioritized, though smaller accounts get higher priority with less delegation than bigger accounts.

They are now the only dust service on Steem, the other one is no longer voting on dust, and with the new rewards curve that means voting on dust now needs a twice as high upvote, so they are in need of more delegations to cover that, and it would be great if some bigger accounts stepped in and helped with that.

Again thanks for a great video, stay awesome.

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I love @dustbunny

Thanks @athomewithcraig, yeah @dustbunny is really great, I just increased my delegation to 100 SP, and by the way it follows both incoming and outgoing dust.

My goal was to Stake 30K CTP by the end of the year, but I may increase that goal a little bit.

That is great @trafficinsider, and with your current stake you should be able to grow a lot more than that just from posting and curating, have an awesome weekend.

For the first time in history I am ahead of your goals for us.over 700 steem and over 4500 CTP tokens and 43 ctp miners. I am always so far behind when you do these goals we are having a party here tonight to celebrate. Great show as always and glad to see so many asking questions and setting goals. Keep up the great work Jon! Always looking for good content on ctp talk to up vote

I'm going to add 3000CTP to my list of goals, Jon! I'm working on increasing Steem as well, so I could continue creating more. Thanks for the reminder! ^_^

Killing two birds with one stone :)

Keep creating, you'll reach both goals in no time!!!

As always, great post Jon, words of encouragement are always welcome always good to see vids, and finally D Tube has loaded a vid for me :)

I'm all about helping. I will upvote good, original or properly attributed content. If I can find something identical with a 30-second google search, it gets no upvote. It may be downvoted. Bring on the content and let us reward you.

Appreciate you man. Thank you for everything you are doing for CTPtalk!

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That could take a while but i'll give it a go. Have a few CTP miners to keep me going for it.

I missed last weeks show. I was behind my viewing and last night thought I would catch up and saw Road to 300SP at 7 days.

I have passed 300SP with this communities help and I am 2/3rd of the way to 3000CTM. I even managed to buy a couple of CTPM when it was 2STEEMP. Yes, communities ROCK here.

Hi Jon,

Just staked 800 more CTP tokens after reading/watching this post. I am going to try to reach the 3000 CTP tokens staked as soon as possible. Currently I am at 1251/3000 staked. Just curious what exactly is a SBI token about? Also, i tried looking it up on steem-engine, but is shows none are circulating. I must be doing something wrong. Can you please help me with understanding the SBI token? Thanks Jon.

another goal on my growing list of goals on this platform… I have about 50 CTP tokens so I have a ways to go

Thanks for the encouragement. I don't post in ctp daily because I also have the needleworkmonday and caturday communities, but I will get to work on a ctp post today.

Getting there, I have broke the 2000 mark :)

Another goal heard

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

@jongolson, Good to see this change and yes, now on Steem Blockchain multiple goals can be achieved with the same effort.

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Hi Jon,
I have even seen the video... 17 m. and still I am trying to understand what is going on with all this. I guess little by little I will grasp the importance of this. Also, I have already post at ninja's blog for I thought it was the way... The question is I am here now, and I can see the big work you are doing to get things moving on. Blessings!

Started just a little over a month ago and with consistent posting, curating and mining plus Staking everything I get I am starting to accumulate a little bit of CTP. It's not that hard. You can also accelerate the "ramp up" period by spending just a little bit on Steem-Engine to acquire CTPM and even CTP. It really isn't that hard.