The #RoadTo300SP - Where Do You See STEEM In 3 Years From Now?

in dtube •  3 months ago  (edited)

Wow...What a day!

Can you believe this is actually my 3rd post in about 24 hours....?

I have never created so much content since being on STEEM, but the past day and a half have been...Epic on the blockchain!

So many new things launching, exciting developments...And brand new members joining Steem from my off-chain business and CRUSHING it in their @SteemSavvy lessons.

I hope this week's RoadTo300SP helps everyone! And remember, I answer all questions...I upvote all comments and questions and you are also rewarded with @SteemBasicIncome units for your engagement :)

Thank you so much for being an awesome part of the Steem journey....

New to STEEM? We want to help you @SteemSavvy

Free, fun video based Steem training...That takes you from A to Z on the blockchain!

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We are inside the ✈️ we will see STEEM at 🌛 if the number of user will raise in a same speed which is going on right now. People will more decentralized day by day.

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for sure man. let’s keep growing this stuff!!

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I love the fact you are doing this ( #RoadTo300SP) our minnows and new users need all the help they can get to stay on Steem blockchain and reap the rewards in the future.

I know it is hard for people to see at the moment, especially if you are sitting there watching the price of Steem, but I see Steem being one of the main Crypto Currencies in the coming years.

So 3 years from now, hmmm.
3 years from now I feel we will be a lot more competitive with the likes of EOS and Ethereum.
What will determine #TheRiseOfTheAlts will be when people realise Bitcoin has no real application behind it other then currency. It could happen in the next 3 years but more likely 5 to 10 in my opinion as mainstream users are only now starting to hear about crypto and are still unsure of it .

I would say Steem will be a top 10 crypto currency in 3 years , call me an optimist but there you have it.

So build that Steem guys .

Have an awesome day!

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absolutely. i couldn’t agree more. we will tokenize the web. thank you so much for the comments and the kind words.

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I am getting steadily closer to 300. Just keep showing up.

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so awesome to hear that. keep going :)

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In the wave of supporting everything that reinforces STEEM.
I find your trio of publications very useful for anyone who sees in STEEM a possibility of investment.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

I think My goal is to reach my first 100SP.
You can find a lot of support in your information.
Your RoadTo300SP movement is very welcome.
I keep STEEM on.
The importance was evidenced in the two #SPUD carried out.

Thanks @dcontest for showing the way.
For proposing as the video of the day in today's contest.
They could not have chosen better.
Educational and valuable for STEEM members.

appreciate the comments. 100 is very achievable. just keep showing up and engaging with will be there in no time :)

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Congratulations man your video had been selected by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy

nice. thanks man.

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As of late there is so much new happening its to hard to keep track of it all. There needs to be a list of everything new with what the programs is about as well. Yes up voting posts is a great way to build your steem as well as rewarding great content creators.

that’s why i look forward to @exyle posts everyday. he has his pulse on what’s new and what to look for on steem.

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@jongolson 💙

How about Join Twitter steem Awareness Movements !

Let's Together Keep On !
#steem ♨ On ! to the Moon to the Mars to the Universe
#seven77 initiated by @nathanmars 💙

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never heard of that. what’s this twitter you speak of?

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Promote to let #steem Know an On !
#seven77 Movements initiated by @nathanmars and now AKA PushBook ! :) 💙

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You mean like this?

Yup ! also Goooooood for let #steem Know !

He wants like this
Seven77 Tweet Example Seven77 Tweet _

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Considering what I have seen happen in the last 6 months, I could not even guess where STEEM will be in 3 years. The development is so fast and with HD21 coming who can guess. I am really interested in the community prospects seeing what PALnet has released. 🤯
Mytechtrail on steem-engine, building my portfolio one token at a time...

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thank you sir. SAVVY heading your way. it’s all very exciting for sure. who knows where we will be.

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What I want to See
1 Steem = 1 Bitcoin
But Reality looks Different. What ever happens in next 3 to 5 Years I don't know but Glad to be apart of this lovely community because I've got alot of experience from here even Good Members, Friends etc...
And as a #seven77 member I am trying to Push Up Steem to the Moon.

that would be awesome. but heck i’ll take $7.77 steem too :)

#seven77 is going to make that a reality.

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Yup! Maybe enough for everyone.

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If STEEM goes in this pace like last 4-5 days, I can't even imagine where it will be in 2 months.. :)

Generally, I think that STEEM will be totally different than it is now... And it will be in Top20 coins.. :)

Where do you see STEEM in 3 years?

i agree. it’s going to be very different. i think it’ll be more like ethereum. in the sense people will need it to build with. that’s exciting.

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In the next 3 years, I see steem above the moon

hope so. that would be awesome.

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@jongolson, In my opinion, Steem Blockchain will going to become the Hub Of Applications.

Businesses and Communities can monetise their User Interfaces with the help of Smart Media Token Protocol.

And i am really excited to see how this journey will going to unfold. We never know where it's heading but we can feel where it's heading.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed brother.

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that’s what i think as well. we’re going to see so much being built upon it. tokenizing the web will become a reality.

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@jongolson more and more posts you will be doing.
I have the feeling that the interesting things are coming.

agreed. we’re just getting started :)

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Excellent review @jongolson and I want to see the Steem after 3 years in the top five coins and in the first place among the blockchains based on social networks!

here’s hoping. i think there has to be major changes for that to happen.

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all very good advice - especially taking a break is so important. One tip is to schedule posts in advance if you want to take some time off. That still gives a presence on the platform.

Been doing that a lot with my Dtube Book Reviews.....Helps a ton. As well, setting a weekly schedule and planning it out is a must for me! Great advice!

blockchain of opportunity indeed, where among the rest there is opportunity to earn, to socialize and make new friend, to see different part of the world, to learn and do thing that you have never done before...

agreed. it’s almost too good to be true at times :)

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Will for me lets help each other and together bring the steemit platform to the moon...

i’ll just take to the top of a hill right now. lol the moon seems very far away.

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Ha! ha! yeah but sames like that when you are in the top of the world @jongolson

Great journey! Go for 600sp

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Thanks. i’ll do my best lol

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On our way far beyond the moon.

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absolutely. couldn’t have said it better myself

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Excellent. In the coming years i.e, after 3 years steem will become the biggest platform on block chain based social media. We are also working for steem and promoting the steem in Twitter by seven77 movement initiated by @nathanmars.

hope we do that right now. not only 3 years from now :)

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Great review. Before joining Steem community, I was wasteful with others useless social media but now I can realize only steem community worth our time. Still many people waste their valuable time with others social media and I believe one day most of the people engaged with steem community and steem will be the leader of social media. The golden days are coming soon.....

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i still use those other platforms mostly to promote steem lol

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