The Dtube Book Review - The End of Procrastination by Petr Ludwig & Adela Schicker

in dtube •  5 months ago 


I read a book this week and we have back to back @dtube book reviews :)

And The End of Procrastination was worth every minute I invested into reading it....

What an awesome book!

I've read a lot of books in my life and every now and again one book sticks with you....For years and years. I feel that way about The Bible, Purple Cow, 48 Laws of Power, Winning With People, No Excuses....And I believe this book will be right up there...

The End of Procrastination is broken up into 4 main sections;

  1. Motivation
  2. Discipline
  3. Outcomes
  4. Objectivity

Each progressing you through learning how to identify traps that lead to procrastination. And steps on how to break free of it and never return.

That section about 'learned helplessness' struck a major chord with me and I know it will be a few pages I will re-read for years to come.

Filled with awesome graphs and images, this book is a powerful read that will help you in all aspects of your life....

I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Great to see you back doing your weekly book reviews, which means things must be starting to get back to normal.

Always look forward to your book reviews.

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lol well. as normal as we could hope for lol

thanks man. appreciate the comments.

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Fun guy. Lol. I wish I was this excited in my videos.

Well, I basically stopped reading self-help books after I turned 18. I had read so much of these types of books and most of the knowledge/information shared in such books were kind of similar. As I began to develop a mind of my own I started to question every information I consumed. But that's by the way. Good review, I laughed watching this. Would I read such a book? Chances are low.

I will check back on you and see if you maintained these said habits you plan on cultivating.

(can't even remember the last time I read the Bible)

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it’s a mindset thing for me. i wanna be nose deep in good news and positive stuff.

way too much negativity out there.

plus i get great ideas from reading. helps me with my content :)

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I need to start reading again! Too much online time woth video and blogs has me forgetting so much else is out there to consume! Interesting choice this week!

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it’s tough lol i have to make time and sit my butt down. or else i’d never get through any books.

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Another book my friend thats good i think so you are a good reader and you always show to your audience's what you have going throug reading section .

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thanks man. so much to read such little time lol

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People do tend to pick up on the negative more than the positive
They do like drama
I'm a big procrastinator... but you might have figured this out since I am here like 4 days later.... gahhhh
Thank you for sharing your latest read and all the best with the homework :D


ha ha ha ha ha no worries.

appreciate the comments!

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might need to read that one!😂


lol i know i did. kicked me in my read end big time.

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Nice post