Thursday Night Live - Gamify Everything!

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What a show this was :)

We started on level 1....And went al the way to level 10!!!

Discussing the importance of 'gamifying' your online business experience...In everything you do!

We'll build this lesson into an entire module within ClickTrackProfit in the upcoming weeks, but the message is simple...

You need to learn how to win at Level 1 before you move on to face the bosses of Level 2....

We hope you enjoy the show!

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Hi Jon, Bob Caine here. I found my way here via steemsavvy. At this point I am a little overwhelmed and confused how to use Steem but as you taught in steem savvy, I will take it slow and fumble my way thru as I learn. Thank you for all your wonderful training.

Awesome man, great to have you here!

Yeah drop me a line in Telegram or Discord if you need anything at all or have any questions. The CTP tribe is always around to help :)

Good show. I've just watched the first part as I missed during the live session and the takeaway for me is... with all the ranking and prize stats right there. Even more fun, we can check out other people's ranks as well, he he.

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 7.12.40 PM.png

Oh absolutely @Steemitboard is a heaven sent on the blockchain. Absolutely love the stats they provide and helps us 'gamify' our journey for sure

Gamifying the online business is a great idea...

Why we are all playing that HolyBread game if it isn't? :)

I'm back!!! And lost every match so far LOL

A great show it was!! You guys kill it each time. You have amazing energy and are always motivational. I appreciate the time and attention you give to each of us as members.

Thanks so much Jen. Yeah we're fired up for this stuff for sure....It's an addiction LOL

Great show last night Jon with lots of great nuggets glad I was there

Thanks man, going to create a post about it and then bang out an entire training module for it...This is gonna be a doozy lol

Yes another great show with some good nuggets.

Cant wait to turn it into an entire training module :)

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