Blog Update (my computer hates me) + Voting Power Advice

in dtube •  21 days ago

Technology & I DON'T MIX

That's how it feels, at least.

I'm back from my surprise trip, however some of the excitement has faded since I am unable to property edit the footage using the software I recently purchased.

The program is called, "Any Video Converter" and it is able to convert between dozens of file formats and it also carries the ability to cut and edit videos as well - which is what I'm DYING to do.

Either way, it's not all negative - Live & Learn

I did have something to say that wasn't just me complaining about my technological illiteracy



Voting Power - how do you manage it so you're not constantly depleted of voting power?

There's just so much great content on here that I find myself upvoting almost everything I find, but that leaves me sooo depleted.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me - I can't wait until I am able to produce edited videos on a regular basis.

I have ideas for a wicked vlog intro, and I've nabbed up a juicy supply of royalty free music.

I'm ready to pour myself into this incredible ecosystem.

If you have any suggestions of what programs you use, or if you have any advice for new users like myself trying to break into the Steem Vlog sphere - again, I'd love to know your thoughts down blow.

Thank you again, and have yourself a great day!

~ AiSC

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About voting when you have less than 500 steem power you always upvote with 100%, but when you will have more, you will have the ability to choose how much % to give, I usually use this website to check my power and how long I need to wait :

Try to upvote after 15 minutes when the post is posted to earn curation reward, upvoting before 15 minutes will just burn your upvote.

Also if you want to make it fair between those upvoted by you, you can use this website : ( you can change the days there )

I think it's enough tools to know about. Try to use more applications and to join more communities. ☺


Amazing advice, thank you. I've been using Partiko a bit and that seems like an awesome dapp.
Lol I feel like without you telling me that it would have taken months for me to figure that out.
I'll bookmark those two sites, thx again!

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cool, if you will have any issue, I'm always ready to help. You can say that I live in dtube. lol ☺

I've got the slider so I do 100% for content I really love. Right above 50% - 75% for content I like. I like to acknowledge comments with a like, usually around 20%.

I try to keep my SteemPower between 80% - 90%. Around 90% it will recharge itself every night. If I get carried away, I'll go a weekend without liking anything to build my power back up. It's different for everybody, but that's what works for me.


Oh awesome dudes I was actually thinking of trying something similar... but I don't have that much SP atm, so maybe it's not something I should worry about until 500sp + (that's what I read in an article)

Thanks again dood 👌

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