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RE: Listen Volcanoes are Cooling the Earth not Heating it Up

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Wow that's a ton of schools. They say we can only use so much of our brains capability. It was ten percent now i think they are saying 4 to 5%. So they are telling us right off the bat we can only go so far and only genius and savants can activate more of there brains capability. But with training, people can learn things like the memory palace and associate objects in there house for memorization of other things. Its really tricky to explain. Heres a video with a challenge at the end.

And the pyramids in Peru have stonework that is better then we have today. We know they would have needed more than a hammer and chisel to do this. A great documentary called True legends (with steve quayle) shows this up front and personal. Whatever is in the Vatican library is the key to everything in my opinion.


They also had electricity thousands of years ago. People have seen giants, dinosaurs, dragons, etc. So, some people have been burning the books, etc. So, yeah, we should be trying to use all of our brains. But we may not be as healthy as some people were centuries ago. Some people have lived over 200 years, even in the past few centuries. But the average lifespan in the past has been based off the average which is pulled down by all the infant deaths. People are getting cancer now from 5G. My mom loves True Legends. So, we have the DVDs. We have all these books.

If you have the books and DVDs then u have seen it. The architecture. Another awesome book because you mentioned giants is mysteries of the Solomon Islands 9781935487043.jpg
You are correct about electricity and Enoch lived like 900 years he was the great grandfather of Noah. He used to walk with God in heaven all the time and returned to Earth. All i know for certain is every civilization that has become to corrupted by Satan has fallen. Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Persians, the Caliphate, the mongols, mayans, incas ect. Theres more but all got to close to the dark side and boof Gone in a instant. I love History. I have a theory about the earth being flat at the beginning but changed at some point and became round. I dont know how yet but its my next project to look into. And as far as dinosaurs i believe they were here but in what capacity who knows when. Dragon is a other name for Satan and i believe they live in the heavenly realms traveling between here and there. Its in the bible how both good and bad travel through these dimensions so maybe we see them how the devil wants us to see them. Like UFOs were always disk shapped now there orbs and triangles and they change probably to fit the narrative of the ungodly but nevertheless they are to lower our guards to forget about God. Ya see the devils has to make us believe he's real amd not real at the same time. The devil is confusion and confusion is the devil. You following me lol. Like the book of Job they tell us what they are doing but hide it in a joke or just mentioned briefly but its up to us to see it and never doubt God. Crazy stuff right? Joey your amazing for keeping this dialogue going. Awesome man. Sorry i just woke up and its when my mind lets it all out. God bless