Things Volcanoes Do part 3

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Do your own research on how volcanoes are a major problem and the data from what they do has and is being left out. And be sure to watch all my Volcanoes series on here or in YouTube. Things i say in this match with the others
Thanks for watching.

Part 1 of the series

Part 2

If your new to Itcanbegreat or The Chemtrail Chef, I like to cover topics ranging from news, food, life, conspiracies, our health, God, Love and Chemtrails. I do this in hopes of showing you the coincidences in EVERYTHING and there by design. Do the research you will see if you look outside the box.

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An okay post, but buying all those votes is against the spirit of Steem. Downvoted for bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards

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I appreciate your honesty. I used bots because knowone gives love anymore. I've been on here for over 2 years now and in the beginning it was great people actually voted and voiced there opinions, now it's becoming more and more difficult to raise awareness so i bought the votes. I feel you should've have asked me why i did this first if it's becoming a problem. Yes if i had more time id go to the discord page or other Avenues to get the info out but being a cook working 80hrs plus a week i just haven't had any time. If you have better ways to help me without buying votes im all for it i really am. I have also asked people to give advice or help but nothing. I guess some feel its the last resort to getting our information out there. The platform also allows us to promote our post, so whats the difference? Is it because its a bot and not a real person getting the bonus curation money. When Jerry Banfield was doing witness voting people didn't care until the system changed so to me it seems a little contradictory of people with influence giving the little people some change every now and then. Im just a guy trying to build his retirement since chefs usually will never get one. Im very interested in any advice you can give in this because id rather save my hard earned steem then gamble it on bid bots. Thanks again for commenting anything in the video that you liked or that stood out?

I will be honest and say I haven't watched the video due to lack of time, but I scanned some of your other posts and it's not stuff I'm into. Like your other commenter I'm more of a science believer :)

Steem has changed since the last hardforks. Now we have free downvotes people are more willing to use them, but I've been doing it for years as I want to see a more honest distribution of rewards. I do not do it based on the content, but a real junk post with no effort and big paid rewards is more likely to get downvoted. Yours just stood out when I checked what was trending.

Steem was intended to reward people based on what others think. There was nothing to stop people creating paid bots, so they did and I think the effect was negative. It rewards the vote sellers and reduces what others can make. My downvotes are fairly small, but they return a little to the pool. I've had plenty of retaliation for this.

Some people are buying votes, but sacrificing the rewards to show they are doing it purely for promotion. I assume the profits you can make from this are lower now anyway. The way to build an audience is through talking to others, especially those who share your interests. I'm one of the top commenters on Steem and that has paid off in interaction and rewards as well as new friendships.

I would hope that the planned Steem community features will make it easier connect with people. Meanwhile you have to seek them out. I know there are others with common interests with you. Talk to them and they may comment, vote and resteem your posts.

I am not looking to drive people away from Steem. It should be open to all, but rewards should be earned. The excessive influence of the big accounts is a whole other issue, but is being addressed.

Thanks for commenting. But if you haven't watched how do you know how much time and effort went into this? This is a 3 part series which you watched none and i feel you are bullying me based on my decision to buy votes. Without a clear understanding of why i did this or do this. I find that this is the problem with society to many assumptions not enough dialogue. I make vides so people look and think outside the box. I really do appreciate your honesty it is something people are losing in my opinion. God bless

But it is not necessarily about the effort. There are finite rewards each day and they should go where the community decides. I do not buy votes or self vote as it is not up to me.

I'm not trying to be a bully and that is against my nature. I'm doing what I think is best for Steem. I think you will find most others who downvote this have the same motivation.

I have had multi dollar downvotes on my posts this week with no reason given. That's part of the freedom of Steem.

Bullying was a bad word to use i apologize for that. Thanks for commenting and having a dialogue with me

The flags are just to discourage you from buying votes and have nothing to do with the content. Using bid bots to reach on the trending page is something that is frowned upon here after #newsteem . Manual curation is on all time high, you'll get noticed easily if your content is good and needs push.

Thanks for this

I'm pretty sure everything you've said and thought on this matter is wrong =)

Actually everything i said you can research and see for yourself. Good luck and if you have valuable information please leave it. Im all for people changing my mind. God bless

My problem is that people such as yourself say 'Do your own research', but I don't get what that means. For example, you said somewhere that the Vatican is controlling all these powers or something. How does one research that, exactly?

How does one do their own research on chemtrails? And, why do you think any old joe blogs can come up with a more reliable result than those who dedicate their lives to a given specific field of research, thousands of hours and research grants to get the results they get, only to be thwarted by a random citizen who doesn't like the sound of it?

How can you demonstrate that one's research on chemtrails is more reliable than those researchers without a prolific peer-review system built over centuries to perfect and confirm results to the most honest and consistent way possible?

What gives you the confidence that this is all wrong? It's fine if you make that claim - there are still lots of human faults and corruption in science as everything else, but how can you back that claim up?

For example, your video you claim 'Every ice age the planet has had is due to volcanoes' etc. Evidence? Where's your own research on that? Research is not simply googling or browsing a website that fits your biases. Research is the actual scientific method to discover answers for yourself. In this case, you would need to go and look into the ice cores stored in the arctic and take samples on a molecular level, analysing the geological history of the earth. You'd have to go up a volcano and dig into the rock surface and extrapolate the data of eruptions vs ice ages, find a global correlation across the board that is then checked, double-checked and triple checked by other professionals to be sure you're not messing up your results.

Sure, you CAN do this, it's all possible to do by yourself, for free - the internet can teach you the how. But you won't. You will just browse the internet, right?

Even then, a quick google shows me this statement is false. I found that it says volcanoes can and may have potentially started a little ice age, but:

The onset of an ice age is related to the Milankovitch cycles - where regular changes in the Earth's tilt and orbit combine to affect which areas on Earth get more or less solar radiation. When all these factors align so the northern hemisphere gets less solar radiation in summer, an ice age can be started.

So right off the bat, this video appears to be false by doing my own research, in the style that you presumably suggest me to do. Now what?

I will start with most recent, then explain my Chemtrail research. Yes my opening statement was bold but is the only reliable data to what could have happened during that period. Why? Well We know volcanoes can cool the earth and we dont know if the earth was tilting and radiation was shifting because knowone was there to document it and our science wasn't there yet. And we have documented evidence of what volcanoes have done. This is why i made that statement.
Im not saying i disagree with him, i actually agree and believe it all fits together, as the balancing act.
So i start asking myself this:
Was the earth balancing itself out when Milutin gathered his data? Since knowone has documented an ice age in person how did they come up with: because they "think" it happened between 115,000 and 11,500 yrs ago? This is speculation to me and seems lazy.
And if an asteroid caused one, it would be the volcanoes erupting because of pressure and thus causing an ice age, right?
So when debris and toxic gases blocks the suns rays and they blocked them during the little ice age i have to go with that practical way of thinking.
Now Chemtrails research. Id watch them constantly. Talk to pilots at small airports. Video Time lapse as many as you can. Get flight paths from commercial and military if you can
The military can be trickier to obtain those but people can be fickle. Film the back of the plane but with a high powered lens. Follow behind in a smaller plane and document what you see and where it lands. Aircraft design for cleaner emissions. Speak with people who get rid of the militaries hazardous waste materials. I started with Chemtrails, because a sergeant at Edwards airforce base told me they make clouds with these drums they wanted to get rid of. My father used to own a hazardous disposal company and was contracted with Edwards. We went to pick up there waste and they wanted us to ship with no manifest or paperwork (which is highly illegal) to Beatty Nevada to be buried. They also had a cubic yard box of 2000 lbs worth or dildos and other sex toys they confiscated from the base. When i asked the Sergeant what did they use this stuff for, he quickly replied, "we make clouds". My first response was, huh? I didn't know anything about Chemtrails then. That was 2012. Then i started asking around and this ex navy pilot at Carlton Forge (metal Forge plant, that also built tanks for Germany prior to ww2)in Paramount California told me to about what he knew. He used to experiment with cloud seeding in the desert back in the 1970. He said it was were they wer going with the tech. Then after that i started doing all the things i suggested. So if i explained myself to everyone id never sleep. I do recommend watching part one and two as well. And the Vatican controls us thru secret organizations and check out Vatican assassins by Eric Phelps. The pdf is free online and is very very well researched. Thanks for commenting

Ok but, assuming everything you say is true, it's not researched, it's anecdotal. A fighter pilot also claims to have seen UFO, and that may be absolutely true, but its useless knowledge if there's no way to prove it.

Do you think we can just go to court and say 'this military guy I spoke to said they make clouds with dildos. Do your own research, judge'.

What use is that?

The problem with anecdotes is not simply that it can be a lie by either party, but that a lot of deep meaning and context can and always is missing. Even something simple as somebody was just messing around, winding you up, to other things like misinterpreted words, simple lies, mentally twisted, or just plain wrong.

This is just a few. There are so many variable ways an anecdote can be flawed, it doesn't stand up to the test of science and reality. There's no systematic review, no skeptical analysis or scrutiny.

All I have to go on is your word. And if I go and ask around in my vast amounts of free time, then everyone else only has my word too. It's meaningless.

Nobody wants to admit, and nobody will admit, the possibility that they are wrong, this grinds against our brains functionaility - cognitive dissonance. We will always search and force ourselves to be surrounded by the things that match what we feel like is right, not what is actually true.

This is why science is so vital, it's the best tool we have to get around human biases. Anecdotes are the opposite to that system and shouldn't be trusted, whether its what you claim to me, or what I go and find out and claim to others.

I think you'll find if you apply the scientific method to all of your findings, you'll come a cross a plethora of issues in your reasoning. I will check this Phelps out and come back with some examples

Ugh. I hate it when it rains dildos.

I agree with everything that you said. I can only say do better research. Ask different questions ones that seem way offputting and hard to believe. Go everywhere with the topic. People have already took evidence to court they laughed at them. The best example is on 5g and cell towers being removed in Ripon California. By removing the cell towers they are admitting to guilt. 6 people got cancer from this thing supposedly 4 kids 2 adults. Science all over the world says its very bad but the US is still rolling it out. We have the proof its bad but nothing

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Or you can just type !stop and I'll go away


Nevermind. Turns out he's a white-supremacist, Bible bashing nut-job... I don't think I need to read anymore. It was a good chat anyway!

He's not a white supremacist and doesn't bash the bible he bashes the catholic church. He's protestant. The History of this church is vile and corrupted. So you heard somewhere that he's a white nationalist and you already declared him a racist. You can never fully understand anything unless you look at every angle. 38653ed61ca123eb3652d2c54822d596.jpg

My ancestors were slaves to the British and to the ottoman empire(Irish and Slavic) so i am proud of where i came from and want the best for my people just like the muslims or the Chinese or even Mexican. When you see Cain Velasquez the UFC fighter he has brown pride across his chest that's called Mexican nationalism or a brown nationalist is that racist?
I will say i work in a kitchen with people south of the border and they are the most racist people I've every meet. They hate blacks the most then asians then whites and they will tell you this to your face. I just find it lame that you saw one thing and jumped to that conclusion. Did you ever read or hear him say anything racist like the definition we're given? This is why i put the photo up to show even of it hurts to hear you have to listen and make the decision yourself. Its why i stated do your own research on things. You just happen to pick something that needed more of an explanation for and i didn't explain very well.
We cannot dismiss people's hard work on things they are passionate about because of a rumor or because white guilt tells us its bad to proud of your heritage. The church of scientology is a bunch of wakos in my opinion but provides the best research when it comes to psychiatrics so should i discredit them over there beliefs? Your skating a slippery slope and dont limit your knowledge. So lets say it was true about Eric, we just wouldn't dismiss him we would just have look at the information a bit differently. Does it have an ulterior motive behind it? Thats it and is the info given biased to fit his narrative.
Its funny the person who turned me onto Eric was a brother from the South who worked with him for years. Im good on talking about this anymore. You asked for info about the Vatican and i gave it to sorry it's not what you expected. Try Footprints of the Jesuits or the black pope all written in the mid 1800s there not separatist lol

This is the best site for Geoengineering data out there. Hope this helps your research

And again

Hey @mobbs, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!


Hey @mobbs, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Bro your content is amazing and educational...Thanks!

Thanks im just trying to get people to think and research outside the box.

actually there's nothing i can say but volcanoes are a beautiful thing but are scary.

Yes they are and to avoid this important data is a crime against humanity

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