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Want to see the very first VLOG I ever created?! Check out this vlog of me and my sister 3 years ago at the Lincoln Park Zoo!

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It was nice to see your vlog. I cross my fingers for you. :D


Lol thank you! I enjoyed creating it :D Still not bad for my first ever VLOG either I think

Nice ..
Great post well done
For more creative guys



@joeparys Jason Statham It looks like :) thank you.


Just hanging out watching Joe chilling at the Zoo! I personally left Chicago 7 years ago to live in Manhattan. You should check out the Bronx zoo if you ever make it down here and do another VLOG :)


Hey awesome! Thanks for checking out my videos! Really appreciate your support!


Taking the first step is usually the hardest. See how far you've grown since your first vlog. I am working on my first vlog. I am still looking for the perfect video before I post it on Dtube.

I appreciate your vlogs and spent a couple of hours yesterday studying what you've put up online. Good stuff. You've definitely found your niche. Sure, I'm OK with the 50,000 followers, as long as 25,000 are mine!! Through lifting us up you in turn rise. Thats a good formula.


And I also get 10,000 followers from your share to complete the equation. :)

I found a website in you post. Can anyone explain what it is about? What are its benefits?

Hardwork pays...congratulations

fascinating & congenial!

Thanks for keeping the spirit of vlogging. You encourage other youngsters to take part in vlogging.

@joeparys i shared some of my time reading your online stuff... Vlogs are just awesome...i appreciate your work ...

İmkan varsa her şey mümkün


If it is possible, everything is possible

Your sister's big smile got me, She's so pretty.

Nice video


thisi is post is a veery good

its nice i always do up vote you blog for getting the better contents.thanks

I will watch this video, I like your every post, thanks.


Hi I am new in steemit. Happy to know u.... Thanks

I guess talking is easier than writing :P

Great vlog, my friend @joeparys! :)

Ho do you freaking do it :) Great vlog though, I posted several myself... but zero exposure :)

But then again, hey I am no celebrity ;)

Keep up the good work!!!


Your dtube post always awasome and nice.......i see your dtube post everytime.....

Hey @joeparys, I did my first Vlog today. So much to learn, thanks for your reference to your first Vlog. It is encouraging for a newbie like myself.

JEEEEEZZZ Mr @joeparys you even sound different. This is a long way you've come my sir. Nice trajectory stunnerman. From agriculture to intangible assets. That's pretty impressive..

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It had taken me 3 months of home work and procrastination to finally make my first vlog. My first vlog was 4 years ago. It was 1st of April. After uploading it on youtube hardly anyone watched it. It still has just few views. I have come a long way since then.

Muy buen vídeo, me gusto mucho. Gracias por compartir.

@joeparys Your shots and the way you records your stuff is really cool bro. In my book, your one of my whales. You're my inspiration in making videos in Dtube and posting blogs on Steemit. Thank you :)

I really like your blog and I also made flog on youtube my channel name @HarirEntertainment, I am very happy with it 👌👍👍

I was recomended your vlog video for my friend and he said it is very professional vlog video.
Thank for your video it was make us entertained

just seen your vlog
you guys have done a really great job
man you are very creative :)
keep it up :)
love your posts

I think you became more young than 3 years ago . btw your vlog was good though it was old .
Vlogging really suit you properly .
But you're doing more better now in this community and out of this community.
All over bless up many many good wishes for you. @joeparys


Thanks Jayed007 Yes I have enjoyed creating videos for some time now :D

Great work, Keep it up. you will work hard too your blog and you got Success.

This is great!

Hey @joeparys - love this first Vlog - your sister & animals . . . lols . . . your Udemy Course on Steemit was fantastic in helping me get started - thank you - I have posted my Intro Video - my next step is to sign up for your Online Tutor course soon once I get a bit more confident with Steemit - thanks again, C :)

Very informative as always. Cheers buddy :)