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In this video I am going to show you how I am earning 100X more in Cryptocurrency rewards posting the SAME videos on DTUBE Than YouTube! I am so excited to be sharing with you these results and so grateful for @dtube and our amazing communities support! Check out this video and if you want more videos like this check out my FULL video course below!

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I earned a bit on youtube, but the partnership takes so much, at least here i get everything i deserve

I'm earning 100x more on Youtube than Dtube


not possible

Everything, here on steemit is an opportunity👍. This platform is a dream come true.

I have to say that I'm learning so much from your course on Udemy (both Steemit courses) and from here. You are an inspiration and amazing. Thank you sooooo much for all your posts... :o) @djbrat

Ok, but is it with or without upvoting bots?

I am also a YouTuber for a long time , but I wanted to earn from Dtube more , like how happened with you, but I wasn't know good strategy to follow, and now after I watched you video I knew how is it works. So, thank you so much.

There is lot more thing to learn from your video.
You describe well. One need to cost time to understand well.
One have to give full attention when learning.
Good wishes for your academy :)

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Wow so amazing really like your posts

It's totally true if I went on youtube I will earn nothing but on Dtube I have earned 0.001 dollars.

Blockchain platforms like steemit makes us realize how mainstream companies rip us off. Blockchain is the future of content.
Am happy for you, ensure you give back to the community

It's totally true if I went on youtube I will earn nothing but on Dtube I have earned 0.001 dollars.


of course, dtube works like that.

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upvoting bots probably but you are right dtube has potential.

You shouldn't forget where you stated from Youtube @joeparys @dtube

Thanks so much for this info! I am definitely intrigued as I get rolling here.

i am Making Much More Than On YouTube
even though my account is worth 40 cents

Because YouTube is Demonetizing Small Channels.
And The Best Part is DTube Has No Ads and i will still make money.
I Love This Platform

Great video. This explained quite a few things that I didn't understand very well about Steem and DTube. Thanks for posting this! This really is an exciting platform, and I'm glad I got in somewhat early.

I've joined the bandwagon Joe! :)

Today marks my 3rd vlog , though on dlive not dtube. Looking forward to expanding my boundaries as time goes by. Thank you for the daily motivation. Feel free to drop by my page to show some support if you happen to like my content.
Keep on striving Joe!

Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya

I got curious about dtube after I discovered for myself steemit. So I am convinced of the advantages of dtube comparing to youtube. The same like comparing the poor Facebook to Steemit. The future is steemit, dtube etc.

@joeparys thanks a lot for your informative vlog!