$$$Earn Money As A Minnow with Dtube! (DTube Exclusive)$$$

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Want to learn how to potentially earn thousands of dollars as a minnow on Steemit?! Check out this video where I share with you step by step how I have gone from a minnow to now a dolphin with more than 10,000+ steem power!

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We need notification bell too for Steemit! :)
Love your courses!

Sub and like
Who is with me?

Thanks Joe! Gonna upload soon!

Appreciate your help. Looking to go from a 47 rep plankton to a dolphin earning income. Do you have any advice for going from my status to Dolphin in the shortest possible time?

I was uploading to Dtube for a while. But, stopped when I found out they take 25% from the upvotes. Haven't used D-Live yet.

But, I am working on building a sort of studio to allow me to host a regular show.

Sounds nice

have a good day my freind 🤘🤘

I really need to take the plunge with DTube, but I'd be understating it if I said I were camera shy.

This is a good post.

its nice of you to share all of your video link with us.
i saw some video of you on Youtube, how you invest .
You describe the secret of success on steemit.
Hope we will learn more after finishing your all videos.
thanks to you :) @joeparys

We need notification bell too for Steemit!...i like you post.i also Wait your post

I tried to upload a couple video but most of the time i got error failed to ...something like that. Can you share with us what browser are you using? thanks.

I've used steepshot alot. It seems to have helped my vote count ^_^

Hopefully your tips will be very useful to me

I noticed that you're focusing in your posts more about Dtube Is it important like this size that you're giving it ?Is is worth ?
To let to you know I am your follower & subscriber in Youtube I am asking you if you could make a video about BUSY.org and how to sing in , in busy .Thanks in advance

Intressting thanks

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