Chicago Winter (A Short Film) [Dtube]

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Hi Guys!

Check out my Short film using my Mavic Pro Drone, Panasonic GH5, iPhone X, and Go Pro Hero 6!

I sincerely thank you for all of your support and look forward to seeing you in the next video!

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Thanks for watching!

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That homerun drone shot was dope 🙌🏾

Haha thanks bro! I saw another video creator do something similar and though it was cool 2 :D

Yes. nice effect :)👍🏻

too short :( but cool :)

Gotta keep you guys wanting more :)

@joeparys cool concept with the drone. Thinking of getting a portable drone but looking for one with high battery power.How long does the Mavic Pro drone last per flight on a single charge?

Hi Tony,

The Mavic pro lasts about 25 minutes on one batters which is honestly pretty good. I have 4 batteries so if I ever am in an area where I want to get more footage I just land, take off again, and keep recording. This way I have about 2 hours of flight time which is plenty

@joeparys. Thanks that's pretty good..much appreciated

Sent you a message in your wallet. @damss may be stealing your work.

Nice @joeparys. So that's your drone your operating ?? Pretty sweet !! Btw, you cutting down on the posting here at Steemit ??

I guess I am going to be re-focusing more of my content on steemit and maybe cutting back a little bit :D I was posting a lot lately and felt a bit overwhelmed, but don't worry I will be posting almost daily :)

wow..drone photography..good one..keep it up :)

to watch dtube video to much buffering then played need hifi speed internet btw keep it up @joeparys good work

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I took my drone out other day but my footage was alot "warmer" lol - Florida Winter


Can you make it shorter next time? ;D

upvote and resteemed:)

Awesome Cool Country...

Nuce video👍👍

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Those drone shots were really good!

I would subscribe again but I can't ehehe just another awesome bunch of sighs :D Love it so much. Beautiful

I love your work! I’m getting great ideas for my own Go-Pro/iPhone shots from your videos!

I like dat shit bro.

Good video Joe! I have Go Pro 4. Do you see much difference between 4 and 6?

I love the editing :O really good job!!

Wow really quality video,greetings from poland

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I get attatched to the good clips i watch and sadly it was very short. Good work. Only some people are able to make a good use of drone and you are one of them. Kudos. Great concept

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God bless technology hahaha great job! Thanks so much for sharing great posts

Nice footage. subscribed and upvoted. Thanks for share. 👍🏻

I think using a drone is a quirky concept for a short film! I love movies long or short which is what my blog is all about ha so I will be checking out your page for hopefully more short films :)

I've never seen a drone shot like that with the baseball swing. That was actually pretty cool! I've also never seen Chicago in the winter, and would love to see more.


Never knew drones have such good cameras

I like it! This is why I need to have my own drone, too! I dream of traveling the world and creating epic aerial shots as well.

Good post, I like your post.

Wow! Amazing video about Chicago! I used to live there when I was a little girl. It is a beautiful city. Thank you for sharing videos like this, I hope to see more in the future! n_n

Nice work!

Great shots! ONe of my next drone flights will be to shoot the Chicago Skyline from the lakefront. I use the MAvic Pro too its a great little drone and fun as hell to fly! I got some videos up on my blog. I just started my dtube account so my next videos will go up on there.

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