Earn Money Posting Photos - This APP is Better Than Instagram! Steepshot Tutorial

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In today’s video I am going to show you an amazing application on the Steem blockchain called Steepshot, which is a clone of Instagram. You can earn cryptocurrency rewards for posting your pictures on Steepshot and I am going to show you how in this tutorial video.

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Dude! I'm quickly becoming addicted to Steepshot! I seem to be more involved there than IG!

I am glad you do @gabemunozoc. Thank you for commenting.

now i am going to open a steepshot account. i don't know why i like your each video . day by day i am going to be a big fan of you.

Thank you for being a fan @brightearth25. I am glad you like my videos.

hi! sir @joeparys
just now i finished watching your youtube video, " the most amazing cryptocurrency" from your youtube channel. i want to invest on cryptocurrency but i don't know very much about it .
i like it, subscribe your channel and wating for next video.

Thank you for your kind comment @brightearth25. I am glad you like my videos.

Thanks for sharing this steepshot tutorial @joeparys. I will check it out and post some good photos.

Wow! Blockchain technology has created many ways to earn!

I agree with you @faady92. Thank you for your comment.

hi! sir @joeparys today i am very excited!
you know when i watching your youtube channel video in that time i show a video about DTube. i watched it and interested about this.
you know interesting talk ! i already opened a dtube channel. "@brightearth25" you can search my channel.
now i am very happy, i did it!
thank you so much for help me.

Thanks for sharing @joeparys I downloaded the app for android a while back it was however buggy so i moved on, i would definitely try it out again.

@temitopebanks, thank you for commenting and trying the app.

Thanks a lot, I was searching something like this :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you for sharing. These are very power tool that we can have so we can keep growing in the crypto world.

I'm definitely trying this out.

Count me in the early birds! This is going far!

I'm going to tell everyone ✊

Thank you for your comment and telling everyone @busybeing.

Please how can I download it

Go here https://steepshot.io to download the app.

I Enjoyed it. Its as you said it

Interesting! Uninstall Instagram.

@joeparys i watched your every video regarding steem and it become very usefull for me.This is your first post after i followed you so it was very good to comment on your post

Thanks for the info. Im on my way!

That is great news. I'm not a fan of Facebook. I don't like that they use and abuse people's personal data. They own Instagram. I'm excited there is competition. Who would want to get paid for what they already do for free on instagram.

awesome man.. thanks for sharing this today.. we all like instagram but your point is valid that this one is gonna keep us motivated to post.

Can't open the video, it says "The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported." Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. I will take a closer look at Steepshot ;)

Oh my! Super excited about this! Thanks so much for the video and insight on Steepshot! Definitely can't wait to start using this!

I have tried and tried to create post with steepshot, different browsers, photos... I am on osx everytime I get
Assertion error expected 128 instead got 38
any help with this issue @joeparys

Thanks Joe i have learned so much from you ,
Thanks again Sir .