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Have a question about Steemit?

Check out my new Video where I answers your questions on Steemit!

Post your questions in our course discussion board or on my BLOGS on Steemit and I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible!

Thanks guys for all of your support!
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Joe Parys

▶️ DTube

STEEM has soooo much potential!! $100 each someday??

Great to know you're available to answer questions. I guess it makes you the "Dear Abby" of STEEMIT. LOL.

that is good information @joeparys, you are good and good job

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Wow amazing information you share it

Already subscribed your channel.I have some question but i will find that in your video.Thanks for the post.

Thank you for all of you support!

Thank's for your reply.I always try to follow your post.If you have time then you can check my blog.

good joeparys

A huge THANK YOU Joe for answering my questions. The other info was helpful too. Looks like I will be buying some steem (for steem power) soon instead of relying on earning it. Cheers!

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Very good video

An interesting video, it was fun to watch

Thanks post

hi Joe, I can't find my answer in other posts, if I posted some post lets say 4-5 days ago if I deleted it will the money that this post generate from upvoting will be lost as well?

I am not sure Toresto -- where did you post your question?

Hey @joeparys, what do you recommend Comedians like me who make Comedy videos do to get more views on DTube? Should I be posting to ‘funny’ or ‘comedy’? Helllllp

I think i will look in to your course! Please checkout my animation videos if you have time and tell i need to take it or not. I'm the only one animator on dtube! Thank you for your time.

I keep running out of steem and so can't post; and also I have more videos to put out but they just won't post; wish I knew how to get on here on steemit...

This helps alot! Interesting video :D

The videos keep buffering. How to solve this?

I was actually listening/watching this same vid earlier today at work. Very informative.
The ultimate take away here (for me) is just Be consistent with both content and engagement on here.
Thanks, Joe!

A very useful article, well done!!

Excellent video us minnows could really benefit from this material.

joe joe we love you man
l learn so much from you about dteem and how it work great job

Thanks @alwaysnew for your support!

I've been a bit discourage lately, thank you for your video, really helps and so informative 👌

Thx for your informations joe

A totally different question, but which software do you use for the streeming / video recording? With the split screens and so ? :) Thank you in advance !!

Cool thanks buddy..

Hello Joe

Im a new member in the Steemit Community, came over your Youtube Channel a few days ago and have to say that your content is really awesome!

Your video 5 Tips To Become Successful on Steemit and Earn Thousands of Dollars! have really helped me get a kickstart on Steemit.

I see that since you made that video you done pretty good on your growth of followers.

nice explanation!

Hi @joeparys !
Already bought your course via Udemy and ready to watch it!
Thank you for the tutorial!

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